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  Ginger Root - Italian
Zingiber officinale, steam-distilled from Pomace, organically produced in Italy
• The best smelling distilled ginger we have ever encountered
• Soothes aching joints and muscles (proper dilution)
• Warming in a chest rub for cold and flu
• Analgesic & rubefacient


I have yet to meet an oil from Marco Valussi, in Italy, that I did not love.  When he told me he had a freshly distilled batch of Ginger oil, I was dubious. Ginger doesn't grow in Italy, and we all know the best essential oil comes from distlled fresh roots.  At least I thought it did.  There is a story behind this unusual oil, and I'll share it as it was told to me.  "An Italian customer of the food industry asked us to supply organic ginger EO distilled in Italy. We made different attemps with the fresh ginger we bought on the regional fruit and vegetable market, but we couldn't extract the EO... We found out that the EO is in the peel and the fibers and that it's easier when they are fine cut, so we had the idea to contact somebody who just manipulates the ginger.  We found in Germany a juice company which spin-dries the ginger roots to get out the juice. This company freezes the pomace and sells it. We thought it could be a good idea to try to destill this kind of waste... the result was amazing and re-using a refuse is a nice thing. The ginger comes mainly from Perù and is organic certified. The Germans extract the juice, we distill the pomace to get essential oil and we are collaborating currently with another Italian company who tries to extract polyphenols from our exhausted pomace."

Marco is known worldwide for his care for the environment and for sustainability, and the idea of using another company's "unused portion" to create the essential oil is sheer genius!

Ginger Essential Oil, for those who have not tried it, is wonderfully soothing for aching joints and muscles, or an upset tummy.  Ginger’s heat can be irritating to the skin so be sure to dilute it.  It is a wonderful ingredient in massage blends for aching muscles, or as a warming ingredient in a “chest rub” for a cold or flu.  Recent studies have indicated that Cinnamon Leaf and Ginger, in synergy, are an effective analgesic and rubefaciant. The combination of the two are more effective at lower dilutions than either one alone.

Ginger can be an aphrodisiac and has been used by some to treat male impotence.

SAFETY: Robert Tisserand advises no known hazards.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

GC/MS Analysis:

Batch # IT-58849

BLENDS WITH: Black Pepper, all citrus oils, the woods, resins, Fennel, and Lemongrass.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Lovely scent, surprising uses

    Posted by Molly M from California on 10/14/2019 Verified Purchase

    I got a sample vial of ginger oil and experimented... usually don’t write a review for something I’ve barely used but this was so delightful I wanted to share. Yes, a drop in hot water is soothing... the scent is pleasant... and a drop rubbed over a tear-your-skin-off cluster of bites or fire-ant stings stopped the itch for hours (note that using ginger oil straight isn’t recommended -- it was 3 AM and I was too desperate to read the fine print! Suggest diluting as label says.

    (Our comment.... oh, Ouch! Undiluted Ginger COULD have burned more than the bites, Molly. Glad that it helped you, but next time please dilute it way down. )

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