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  Chamomile, German, CO2 TOTAL, 10% Dilution
Matricaria recutita (syn Matricaria chamomilla), organically produced, CO2 extracted flowers, Germany. Diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil
•10 percent Dilution for your convenience, ready to use
•Powerful Anti-inflammatory, Skin healer
•Blends with Lavender for sunburn or diaper rash
•Helpful for Rosacea, Skin Ulcers, Acne inflammation
•A must-have for skincare needs


Because our amazingly healing German Chamomile TOTAL CO2 extraction is very thick and difficult to work with, we offer it in an easy to use 10% dilution for your convenience.

This German Chamomile, produced by the new High Pressure Carbon Dioxide method, is very different from the traditional steam-distilled blue oil. Since a CO2 distillation contains all the oil soluble parts of the plant, the oil is much thicker, with specks of what appear to be plant matter in it. It also does not turn blue as expected. Picture a deep, dark green or brownish green semi-solid, pasty texture. A difficult oil to work with, but well worth the trouble.

The CO2 extracted oil has even stronger anti-inflammatory qualities than the steam distilled EO, and has a more natural, fruity odor. I do know that it doesn’t take over the scent of my skin care blends the way traditional Matricaria does. Please note, the producer of this amazing extract recommends using it at a level of 0.1 to 0.3%. It is amazingly effective at this low dilution.

A must for treating rosacea and/or couperose, an essential ingredient in our anti acne blend, also you might blend with Lavender for treating sun and wind burn.

The extreme effectiveness of this CO2 extraction comes from its high level of matricin (the precursor of the deep blue chamazulene that gives the traditional steam distilled blue oils their efficacy). Research has shown that the matricin is far more active than the chamazulene. This specific CO2 extract is also very high in the sesquiterpine alcohol alpha-bisabolol, another powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

We have also had success treating skin ulcers that seemed to resist every other treatment, by diluting German Chamomile CO2 in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil and applying several times daily.

Please note, this marvelously healing extract is difficult to work with. It is extraordinarily thick and viscous because of the plant waxes contained in the CO2 Total. To blend it in a carrier both the CO2 and the carrier oil must be heated to body temperature. We strongly recommend purchase of our German Chamomile CO2, 10% Dilution for your ease of use.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-741317
Batch No. GE-551210

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Skin Healer

    Posted by Saradha from Washington on 12/10/2018 Verified Purchase

    Love this oil, so good for healing skin.

  • 5 Remarkable

    Posted by Chelsea from Alabama on 12/17/2018 Verified Purchase

    This is my favorite oil I’ve ever purchased. I’ve made some roll on bottles with this along with their Calendula cO2 10% in a base of jojoba oil. It’s just so rich with chamomile goodness. I have noticed without a doubt quicker healing time while also reducing redness drastically.

    *I’m not claiming anything medical. Strictly my personal experience.
    Thank you Nature’s gift.

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