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Pelargonium graveolens (Pelargonium X asperum), Ethically farmed, steam-distilled leaves, South Africa. Reunion type, aka Geranium Bourbon. A lovely specimen!

  • Antibacterial
  • Hormone balancing
  • Diuretic
  • Most versatile oil for skin care

Product Information

This Pelargonium smells much softer and less sharply green than any I’ve sampled. It’s a lovely softly floral as well as green scent. A “woman’s oil,” Geranium seems to have a hormonal balancing effect and traditionally has been used (blended with Clary Sage ) to alleviate problems associated with menopause and menstruation. Gunther writes that Geranium gives adrenal cortex support when ovarian estrogen decreases at menopause.

It also acts as a diuretic. It can lower blood sugar, and should be avoided if you are hypoglycemic.

The word that comes to mind when I think of Geranium is “balance,” physically, and especially for its emotional effects Geranium (and Rose Geranium ) are valuable skin care oils. They are helpful for bruises, cuts, ulcers, broken capillaries, dermatitis, and are anti-inflammatory. It is believed to balance sebum making it the oil of choice for combination skin) and to keep the skin smooth and supple. Also known as Geranium Bourbon.

Educator and author Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes says this is the most versatile essential oil for skincare. Powerful anti-fungal, star at wound healing, effective against Staph, Strep, and MRSA. Use for infected wound. Calming to the nervous system, use it in blends for scarring in nerve-rich areas. Safe at up to an 8% dilution (although I would patch test first, geraniol is a component of the “Fragrance Blend” used in allergy patch testing.) Use for ear infections in an inhaler.

SAFETY: Robert Tisserand advises: low risk of skin sensitization, may interact with diabetic, antianxiety, opiod, analgesic, anticancer, HIV treatment and other medications as well as nicotine.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

GC/MS Analysis:
Batch No. MA-58926
Batch No. ZA-59118

Geranium blends well with Clary Sage, Rose, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lavender, and Chamomile, among others. The only oils I don’t like in combination with it are the citrus oils. They seem to “sharpen” it too much for my taste.







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    Christa Evans (verified owner)

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  2. Tiffany from Virginia

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    Tiffany from Virginia

    I can’t say I’m in love with the scent of this oil, but that’s not why I bought it.

    Recently, I was involved in a Facebook discussion about EOs for relieving peripheral neuropathy. Marge shared some information in that conversation about a study that had been done with undiluted geranium oil for severe peripheral neuropathy. Though they did end up recommending at least a bit of dilution due to issues from the completely undiluted EO, high ratios had still proven to be helpful. (Thereb are a couple of posts in the blog here if you want to read more!)

    Having struggled with severe peripheral neuropathy myself for the last few years (and tried more than a few EOs to help), I was immediately interested, and quickly ordered myself a bottle of geranium. When it arrived, I did a patch test, applying a 50% dilution to half of one of the worst areas on one leg while leaving the other half oil-free.

    The result was mind-blowing! In mere seconds, the area I’d applied oil to hurt less than it has in ages! I quickly split the whole bottle up, adding just a tad of frankincense with the fractionated coconut oil I chose as my carrier, and will NEVER again be without this miracle oil!!

    Marge’s note.. we recommend diluting the Geranium Oil with Calophyllum inophyllum… (aka Tamanu) … that’s the combination that we have seen so much success with. Perhaps using the Calophyllum will allow you to use a lower dilution, thus making it safer for long term use. and THANK YOU for sharing this!

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