Frankincense, Sacra (Black)

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Boswellia sacra, black, “Nedjei” Harvested and artisan steam distilled in copper stills in Oman.


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The producer describes this very special distillate as spicy, not citrusy like the White Sacra. Christi said it reminds her of summer, and she also felt a ‘peppery’ note.

On the scent strip, I detected a subtle floral note that I’ve never detected in any Frankincense. It is much more complex than any of our other Frankincense specimens…

Emotionally, it’s the feeling of wrapping up in a soft shawl….comfort enveloping me. Michelle and Cindi also mentioned the feeling of comfort it gives them.

Oh my goodness…I am in love.

Christi says the only time she has seen me this enraptured is when we got our first Rose CO2, or perhaps the Rose de Mai a million years ago, or perhaps one very special Sandalwood.

Oh, she is what all other Frankincense oils aspire to be!

The Sacra-white is lovely, and cerebral. But the black… ah… it wraps me in its arms like my favorite comforter, or like a lover…a familiar lover! (Not all exciting, but calming and comforting.)

I’m told that the resin is very wet… oozing fresh sap when broken open. Unlike all the other Sacra trees, which grow in dry, barren terrain, the Black Sacra (Nedjei) is harvested from the “Mountains of the Moon” that capture the fog (hence the “misty” photo above. (This is not actually one of the trees in the grove; the photo was taken on the approach to them.) Our distiller calls the grove that is the source of this amazing resin “the old lady trees.” She says that the resin is normally only harvested from February until May.

This oil is steam distilled with love, in copper, in Southern Oman in the land of Frankincense.

Cindi (who never wears perfume) and I both asked for roll-ons, a 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut. We diluted it down for safety. I am finding that it has very brief retention on my skin and I need to reapply often. But that’s okay. I *want* to reapply often. I am interrupting typing this description to savor its aroma.

Postscript: This is by far the most feminine of all of our Frankincense offerings. When we were comparing the white and black Sacra oils, Jim definitely preferred the white, as did Christi. Both mentioned that the Sacra-White seemed much more cerebral, and perhaps masculine. The Black, on the other hand, is all about love, comfort, and support, a very feminine oil. The yin and the yang.

I just called the distiller to ask for another shipment of this amazing oil, only to find out that we have already received 70% of this years small harvest and, “Thank you, we’re glad you love it but we need some for us. ” So, when this treasure is gone, it will be gone for at least another year.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

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  2. Tiffany from Virginia

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    Tiffany from Virginia

    I was drawn to this beauty after reading about it a couple of neeslerrrrs ago. As soon as I got my hands on it, off came the cap…and I was wrapped in one of the most beautifully comforting scents I’ve ever experienced. This oil is genuinely a hug in a bottle!

    This impression does seem to be women-exclusive, however. The men I’ve had smell this lovely have liked it, but not in the same way other women have. Ladies, this one is ours!

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