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  Frankincense Rivae
Boswellia rivae, Ethically wildcrafted by a family of artisan distillers with EcoCert Organic Certification, steam-distilled from resin, Somalia.


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Known also as “Ogaden Frankincense,” and “Sweet Frankincense.”

Did we need to offer another Frankincense?  (Can you ever have enough?)  I admit Christi went gaga over the Rivae…it was her first time experiencing this unique variety of Frankincense.   She talked me into adding it to our ever-expanding Frankincense supply. 

Distilled from dark brown oleo gum-resin, its trees and shrubs can be found growing in the remote rocky, hilly, arid and semi-arid regions of Arabia and Northeastern Africa.  It is considered the “crème de la crème” of all Frankincense resins and thus of Frankincense oils. 

Aromatically superior and often used in perfumery, Boswellia rivae is deep and complex, sweet, lightly woody, with resinous undertones.  Christi says when she inhales, it is like a symphony orchestra playing in complete harmony…a scent of perfection.  (Well, she is the Frankincense expert!) 

Therapeutically, all varieties of Frankincense share some similarities.  Specifically, B. rivae is considered anti-fungal with studies showing its effectiveness against Candida albicans.   Like most Frankincense, it is thought to be anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.  Rivae is known for its clarifying effect on skin and is excellent for mature skin. Research into Boswellia rivae is ongoing and new information is expected in future about its numerous uses. 

From a spiritual perspective, we know Frankincense has long been appreciated for its ritual and sacred uses during religious services world-wide, and it is considered a very special sacred fragrance.  Often diffused during meditation or prayer, Rivae is uplifting, yet not stimulating.  Think of a calming fragrant aromatic, most pleasing to the soul.

We are delighted to offer this noteworthy Olibanum oil from the Frankincense family for you to experience and enjoy! 

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Batch #SO-58638

Batch #SO-58711

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Love it!

    Posted by Tiffany from Virginia on 06/20/2018 Verified Purchase

    I am a frankincense girl — I have yet to meet a quality frankincense I didn’t like! There’s enough variation within the Boswellia family that I love meeting new varieties as I can, and this was my first Rivae encounter.

    While it does not top my favorite frankincense list (I don’t think anything will ever beat Black Sacra!), it easily leapt ahead of most of its cousins. This is a very rich, sweet frankincense, which I shall always have on hand from now on!

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