Frankincense Infusion Sampler


5 ml bottles of each of our Frankincense infused oils.


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Product Information

5 ml bottles of each of our Frankincense Infused Oils (4 total):

  • Boswellia serrata infused oil.
  • Boswelia sacra (Silver/White) infused oil.
  • Boswelia sacra (Brown) infused oil.
  • Boswellia sacra (Black) infused oil.

Wildcrafted resins, finely ground and infused into long-lasting, odorless fractionated coconut oil. A wonderful moisturizer, massage oil, or base for a perfume. Buy all four to decide which speaks to your soul.

A bargain compared to individual pricing. Purchase the sampler and save over 30%, if they were even available in this small, sample size.

No other Nature’s Gift discounts may apply to our already discounted kits.

Please note:  These products are infused from natural tree resin, so some settling may occur.  Gently shake or roll to mix it in, or you can warm it gently by placing the very bottom of the bottle in a warm water bath to help with incorporating the sediment.  Remember, infusions are high in carrier oil content, so they should not be used in a diffuser; it could cause damage to the diffuser.



4 oz


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