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  Frankincense Green Sacra Infused Oil (no ratings yet)
Boswellia sacra, "Sacra Green Hojary Resin" wild-harvested in Oman, infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil by an artisan craftsman in the USA. The traditional Frankincense used for millennia.


For more about Frankincense Oils, including their physical and emotional benefits, click here to read about About Notable Essential Oil Collections.

This is a new and different Sacra infusion.

This GREEN Sacra is a lighthearted delight, full of sunlight and sky, definitely a high heart note,perhaps even a top note.  It's the happiest of our Frankincense oils and infusions.  We all felt that the Green Sacra infusion had a definite female energy, unlike the Brown infusion.  (Then I read that in Oman, the green sacra is said to come from masculine trees, which shows how little we know!)

One of my favorite "noses" writes, "The green Frankincense sacra infused oil is very similar to the silver, but a little less sweet and floral, and a little more tangy citrus. Very fresh and clean! I blended a little of this with the Kashmir Lavender on my skin, and it's now going to be the start of my summer fragrance."  He goes on to add, "This infusion reminds me of the Earth. Woody, grassy, almost coniferous. Clear, and airy though. The smell of green life in the canopy of a forest rather than the dirt, and roots below. I sense an almost Petitgrain note as it develops. Meditating with this infusion I am overcome by feelings of gratitude. I'm reminded of everything I have to be grateful for, and that life is too short to even consider what I "don't have"or "haven't accomplished". As it dries down a sour candy note appears, and continues to remind me that life is pretty sweet most of the time, and that I can't be too serious all the time or I'll miss out on beautiful things."


A reminder, like all of our infused Frankincense oils, this Green Hojari Sacra oil has its share of the essential oil with the added emotional and physical benefits of Incensole Acetate and Boswellic Acid.  (Boswellic acid has been studied for a myriad of physical healing effects, but it does not occur in the distilled oil nor the CO2 extraction.)

The infusion is Boswellia green Hojari resin finely powdered and infused in odorless, colorless fractionated coconut oil, then carefully strained and bottled for your pleasure.   Aromatically, it seems stronger than a 10% dilution of our Sacra Oil.  Wear it alone on pulse points, use it as a base for perfume (amazing longevity on the skin!) or further dilute to use as a body oil.


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