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Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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Agonis fragrans, steam-distilled from leaves and young branches, Australia.
• Tea Tree like, gentle & safe for children
• Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory & analgesic
• Respiratory actions


2020: This year's harvest from the new Fragonia trees was disappointingly small, and we received 1/2 the allocation we had requested.  As in the past, please limit your purchases to what you will use in the next year. (Surely next year there will be lots!)  We did not list any bulk sizes online, but if you have a dire need for a larger quantity, please contact us and we will try to accomodate you.

2019: The first harvest of Fragonia™after the Australian fires was very small.  We received far less than requested, and so must make it last for the entire calendar year.  For that reason we are rationing it, one quarter of our allotment will be made available for each three month period of 2019. When this portion is gone, more will go online in the next quarter.  PLEASE do not order more than you will use in the coming year.   NO mutliple orders. If you order more than one bottle without preapproval your order will be cancelled.

Fragonia™ is a fascinating oil. It is the ONLY trademarked essential oil I have ever encountered. Evidently there are several varying chemotypes of Agonis fragrans, and only one has the unique balance of this oil. The producer raised a plantation of the specific chemotype and trademarked the product name. There may or may not be some advantages to the consumer in this; I’m not sure.

However, the oil has some interesting and beneficial qualities.

The producer says: “Dr. Daniel Pénoël has been working to determine the clinical application of this oil. Preliminary work indicates that it has significant anti-microbial activity. It is an extremely balanced oil, with the oxides (cineole…which gives eucalyptus oil its distinctive aroma), monoterpenes (alpha-pinene), and monoterpenols (linalol, etc.) in a near perfect 1:1:1 ratio.”

Tony Burfield describes the aroma as “a pleasant fresh cineolic odour with a hint of a citrus note (which becomes more pronounced after a few minutes) mixed with a slight spicy cinnamon tonality and sweet balsamic undertones. The dry down is very faint being sweet, soapy and woody balsamic.” I would never call it a favorite, as to my nose it smells quite medicinal; however it is much pleasanter than for example, Tea Tree or Niaouli.

I have read that Fragonia™ is an ideal replacement for Tea Tree, that it is gentle and safe enough for children and more appealing in aroma. I’ve seen case studies where the use of Fragonia™ oil produced amazing results for people suffering from intractable respiratory infections. There are case studies of Fragonia™ being used very effectively in cases of bacterial tonsillitis.

It is said to be antimicrobial as well as helpful with Candida infections. It is also said to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, and especially helpful with the pain associated with arthritis as well as muscle and joint pain. Dr. Pénoël strongly recommends it for all respiratory disorders, whether in sinus areas or in the lungs. It is also said to stimulate and enhance the immune system.

Surprisingly though, this oil seems to have amazingly strong emotional effects, having a deep action on the psyche. There are case studies of people with longstanding emotional blockages who were able to find release. The essential oil seems to both release tension and have a relaxing/calming effect on the mind. Dr. Pénoël says that the use of Fragonia™ at bedtime will improve the depth and the relaxing effects of sleep.

Several writers have mentioned Fragonia™ essential oil’s effect of bringing peace and inner harmony to those using it.

Robbi Zeck has written this reflection on Fragonia in The Blossoming Heart.

At first, Nature's Gift's Christi was much more enthusiastic about this new oil than I was. However, when she created her Relax Synergy that became an immediate favorite of mine, and using it lead to my growing appreciation for the balancing and respiratory effects of Fragonia.   My grandson has found that it seems to ease his chronic asthma.  Not a replacement for a rescue inhaler, but used (by inhalation) on a daily basis it seems to reduce his need for the rescue inhaler.  It is a key ingredient in our Deep Breath blend.

Safety: Robert Tisserand advises that:  no warnings except oxidization         

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis: 2011
Batch No. AU-AF-13
Batch No. AU-AF-14
Batch No. AU-58841
Batch No. AU-59009  GC in progress



Image courtesy of The Paperbark Co.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 A Must Have for Allergies

    Posted by Faith from North Carolina on 12/01/2018 Verified Purchase

    I cannot emulate Marge’s eloquent style, but I must say what a boon Fragonia is. I mix Fragonia with a couple of the ‘blue’ oils and I can actually breathe and see and function during the spring and early summer. The blend does not work nearly as well without it. This is truly a ‘must have’.

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