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Artemisia pallens, ethically farmed, steam-distilled from blossoms, India.


At one time we offered a CO2 extracted Davana. We loved the aroma, but found it almost impossible to work with. It was ultra thick, almost a solid, and did not dilute easily in any carrier. Finally we have found a steam-distilled Davana that is aromatically at least equal to our CO2—and so much easier for the perfumer to blend.

There is a story behind the blossoms from which this amazing aromatic is extracted. Each day, in India, the faithful offer davana blossoms to Shiva. The flowers remain on his altar throughout the day, and at the end of the day are removed. They are then dried in the shade for a week, prior to distillation. These are the blossoms from which this amazing extract is produced. If you believe that the energy and the intent of those handling the botanicals affects the oil produced from them, then the spirituality of this Davana will be wonderful.

We first experienced Davana over dinner with an Indian supplier, years ago. He passed around a small vial and told us all to apply some to our hand. Initially, I was unimpressed…it smelled sweetly balsamic, green and herbal and…then I smelled it again…warmly floral…oh, nice!. Then I smelled it on Anne…a floral wood note, with just a hint of spice…on Debi, a pure, unalloyed floral note that took much longer to develop…perhaps 30 minutes or so. And on Girish, my Indian friend…aaaaaaaahhhhh…I just didn’t want to let go of his hand…it was the richest scent I have ever known a man to wear…rooted, sweet wood notes with overtones of I don’t know what…marvelous.

Davana is truly our chameleon…it changes with every wearer. The perfect ingredient for a truly personal perfume.

Now, I have seen, on various websites, Davana recommended for wound healing, for skin infections and irritations. I do NOT recommend its use for these purposes. It is another untested oil and although it does not appear to be an irritant or a sensitizer, it should be avoided on broken skin. Its high ketone level means that it could be toxic in high doses, and should be used with moderation.

Emotionally, it is relaxing and some claim has an anti-anxiety effect. I have seen one source claim that it is one of the most aphrodisiac of all oils.

Tony Burfield writes that Davana is used in perfumery to impart a fruity topnote to chypres and floral compositions, that it has a black currant note, an undertone reminiscent of hay absolute, with a fruity, winey dryout with just a hint of tobacco.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis:

Batch No. IN-58548
Batch No. IN-58593


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Customer Reviews

  • 5 A must-share!

    Posted by Tiffany from Virginia on 06/05/2018 Verified Purchase

    Marge’s story of her first enncounree with Davana is what drew me to this fascinating oil. While I’ve long known that any scent will interact with the wearer’s body chemistry to some degree, this was clearly above and beyond anything I’d experienced!

    I mixed some up in a roller bottle just before having a few friends over. When they arrived, I passed it around, telling the, about Marge’s story as we each applied some to our wrists. The next half hour or so was interrupted every few minutes by someone prompting another round of wristsmelling! We weee all blown away by how different, but consistsly beautifui it smelled on each of us. This will be coming out to play anytime I have a group over!

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