Cumin, Black, CO2


Nigella sativa, seeds organically grown in India, CO2 Total extracted in Germany. Contains both the very rare essential oil and the more readily available fixed oil.
• Thymoquinone
• Anti-oxidant
• RadioProtective – protects against damage from Radioactivity
• Contains 2.5% Essential Oil
• May be anti-allergin

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Product Information

Robert Tisserand talked about Black Cumin essential oil in his Essential Oil Chemistry and Pharmacology seminar, singling out its component thymoquinone as a powerful anti-oxidant which may play a role both in inhibiting inflammation and aging. I searched for the essential oil fruitlessly. There are lots of sources of the cold pressed fixed oil, which has its own uses (among them, according to Tisserand, the fixed oil is radioprotective… protecting healthy cells against damage from radioactivity.) A brief PubMed search shows a long list of research studies showing the use of “Black Seed Oil” (aka Black Cumin Seed Oil, Nigella sativa), but the abstracts seldom state whether they are using the cold pressed oil or the essential oil.

Then I realized that the CO2 total extract contains both the fixed oil and the essential oil which we have been seeking. The CO2 extract contains approximately 2.5% of the essential oil, which would be the equivalent of using a 2.5% dilution in a fixed oil, a skinsafe dilution. Black Seed Oil (Black Cumin Seed Oil,) is considered a “cure-all” in many herbal schools.

Applied topically it is believed to ease pain caused by inflammation, and perhaps to have some effects on topical allergic reactions. It is believed to be a powerful anti-allergen. If using to treat contact dermatitis I would suggest patch testing first to make very sure it is well received.

The fixed oil portion is highest in linoleic, oleic, and palmitic fatty acids but also contains some components that are unique to Black Seed Oil. The essential oil portion is high in rare thymoquinone, discussed above, and cymene, also found in Cumin and Thyme essential oils. Contains organic rosemary antioxidant extract to extend shelf life.

Please note, the attached CofA contains both a listing of the fixed oil components as well as a GC analysis of the volatile essential oil components. We are packaging this CO2 total in our standard essential oil bottles. We suggest the purchase of an Essential Oil Key to easily remove and replace the orifice reducer for your convenience, since this brown extract is fairly thick and will be difficult to pour through an orifice reducer. We also have found that using a Mini-Pipette will allow you to dispense a few drops through the hole of the orifice reducer.

Certificate of Analysis:
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