Cocoa Butter


Theobroma cacao, organically produced.


Product Information

Rich and creamy and redolent of the chocolate that is its source, Cocoa Butter is the ultimate tan enhancer or skin conditioner for a pregnant tummy. Firmer at room temperature than our Naturally Refined Shea Butter, we recommend melting and adding a bit of your favorite carrier oil to soften. Blend with a few drops of Mandarine and Neroli for an absolutely wonderful “Belly Balm” for the mother to be or use it to help add body and thicken any balm, salve or cream. This cocoa butter has a RICH chocolate aroma, blended with Extra Virgin Coconut Cream Oil and you will think you are smelling a chocolate coconut truffle.

As with all of our butters, since there is no added anti-oxidant, please only purchase what you will use within the next year, and store it under cool and dark conditions.







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