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  Cleopatra’s Secret Gift/Travel Set
All new: Travel/gift sizes of our favorite mature skin care goodies.


For her face we offer one ounce of our Cleopatra’s Secret Creme Cleanser, and a tiny (4.5 ml) spritzer of our refreshing Cleo’s Secret Toner, as well as a 7 ml jar of Nature’s Gift Facial Masque, to leave skin smooth and hydrated. We’ve added a full 10 ml rollon of our rich Serum, and a half ounce of Radiance Creme for face and body. For the bath or shower—an ounce of Cleopatra’s Secret Shower Gel, or, when her travels allow her to relax long enough for a luxurious bath, two blissful bath samples of our Cleo's Bliss Bath...enough for two blissful baths. All these neatly tucked into a spa bag for convenient packing.

Because of the travel kit’s already discounted price, no other Nature’s Gift discounts may apply.

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