Clarifying Soap

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  • Gentle cleanser for skin with acne
  • Castile soap with Clarifying blend
  • Troubled skin needs gentle care.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial cleanser
  • Ages 12 and up

Product Information

This special liquid soap base allows the healing qualities of our precious essential oils to come through, since they are not subject to the stresses of the saponification process, as they would be in a solid soap. No artificial colors or preservatives to trigger possible irritation or allergic responses, just pure Organic Liquid Castile (created from saponified olive, palm, and coconut oils with aloe vera gel added) and our wonderfully effective essential oils. We recommend following with one of our healing Hydrosols to further tone and condition the skin.

Please note, some rosacea sufferers have also reported excellent results from using this soap. To read their comments, please visit About Our Healing Synergistic Blends on our Customer Praise page.






Reviews (1)

  1. Melissa from Colorado

    ( 1 Review )

    Melissa from Colorado

    My daughter (16) has moderate acne. Wouldn’t quite call it severe. Also very oily skin . She uses this soap twice a day , morning and night . Truly , this soap has been a godsend ! Her ance has dried up and has been greatly reduced ! Can’t even tell she has blemishes when she puts her makeup on (which is minimal , I’m happy to say lol ). She gifted a bottle to a friend of hers , who also experienced similar results (but he doesn’t wear makeup lol). I have personally used this myself during that “time of month ” when I’ll occasionally experience a pimple or two … This cleared it within 2 days ! I highly recommend this facial wash and will continue buying (and stocking up on!) this product ! Please don’t ever change the formula , Marge, it’s perfect and amazing !!!

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