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Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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  Citrus Smile Synergy
  • Designed to ease symptoms of depression
  • Instant sunshine
  • Diffuser safe for all ages
  • Photosenitizer and skin irritant; not for topical use
  • 5 and 15 mls


This blend of Organic Bergamot, Lemon, and Orange Essential Oils will bring instant sunshine to dark difficult days.

Readers of our blog are aware of the recently published research proving that the fragrance of citrus oils does, in fact, ease the symptoms of depression.

For years I’ve called them “Citrus Smilebringers,” and it would appear that I was correct. We read the research, combined a blend of the essential oils that were tested and shown to have such positive results, and gave inhalers to some friends who wrestle with depression on a regular basis. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our reaction when first sampling the blend? Smiles! Pure and simple. The blend is undoubtedly a spirit lifter, wonderful for dark gloomy days, or just when your life needs a burst of instant sunlight.

Because of the irritating and photosensitizing effects of all the ingredients, we do not recommend topical use of this blend. Please reserve it for use in an aromalamp, a diffuser, inhaler, or aromatherapy jewelry.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Perfect

    Posted by Kimberly from Dist. of Columbia on 09/26/2019 Verified Purchase

    I have tried blending my own citrus blend many times, and I always came away a little disappointed. I bought this blend just to have something more interesting than orange to add to my small arsenal of pick me up oils for cleaning and this blend is perfect. It really is happy and no one note is fighting any other for front stage. It’s the best smelling citrus blend I’ve come across. It’s lovely.

  • 5 Uplifiting

    Posted by Kelly from Arizona on 10/24/2019 Verified Purchase

    Balancing the oils in their blends is something this company does right. This is the perfect balance of orange and lemon. Even though I got the 15mL, it won’t last long and I know I will need to get more soon.

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