Calendula Hydrosol


Calendula officianalis, organically grown and distilled from blossoms in the USA.


Product Information

Organically grown in the USA, this herbal water from Calendula officianalis blossoms is new to us. The traditional uses of Calendula include healing cuts, scrapes and bruises, preventing infection and healing ulcerated skin. Professional aromatherapist and hydrosol researcher Suzanne Catty recommends using this lovely new hydrosol as a mouthwash for oral care. She recommends internal use as treatment for irritable bowel, ulcers, or nausea. She also recommends its use as a wash for any sort of yeast or urinary tract infections.

We recommend it as a marvelously gentle wash or toner for irritated skin.

(There are those who say that  calendula cannot be a true hydrosol if it is not produced by steam-distillation which also produces an essential oil. True, there is no steam-distilled essential oil of calendula, only the CO2 extractions we offer, but this floral/herbal water is a true, naturally produced distillate of organically grown calendula blossoms.)







1 oz sample, 1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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