Juniperus oxycedrus, organically produced, hydro-distilled from wood (trunks and branches), Spain
• Hydro-distilled, not dry-distilled
• Anti-inflammatory
• May be helpful for psoriasis/seborrheic dermatitis


Product Information

For years we’ve avoided importing Cade Oil because most of it is produced by destructive distillation and contains known carcinogens. Please be aware that this is HYDRO-DISTILLED Cade Essential Oil. Most Cade on the commercial market is thick and extremely smoky, the product of dry distillation (destructive distillation). It may or may not be further rectified to make it a bit lighter and pourable. The dry-distilled Cade is on the IFRA banned list because it contains carcinogens that are NOT present in the steam-distilled or hydro-distilled oil. It would appear that many suppliers are not aware of the difference. We recently were very excited to find what was listed as steam-distilled Cade Oil from Spain at a much lower price than we had paid our producer. What a disappointment when it arrived, thick, and as smoky as Choya Loban or Birch Tar. If you are sent “distilled” cade oil and it’s thick and very smoky, it is not what you want.

Please note that this batch distilled in Spain by a true artisan distiller is from the trunk and branches, rather than twigs and needles, as was our previous oil from France.  Surprisingly, for a wood oil, the aroma is lighter than we remember, but long-lasting.  The scent strip that I sampled when the oil arrived is still very fragrant days later.

It does not smell at all like Juniper Berry oil, but is calming and grounding, as a good wood distillation should be.

Since introducing this rare hydro-distilled Cade we are hearing wonderful reports of clients success in treating psoriasis and various other skin conditions. At a recent conference Rhiannon Harris mentioned the use of Cade Oil in aiding with the management of psoriasis. She stated that it has been shown to reduce the proliferation of keratinocytes…the overgrowth of which is one of the causes of psoriasis. Recent investigations show that the distilled oil inhibits ceratinocyte proliferation and is also anti-inflammatory. Based on this, it would appear that Cade Oil, diluted in one of the anti-psoriasis fixed oils might be well worth trying in treating psoriasis.

I have also seen Cade Oil recommended as a treatment for dandruff, and for seborrhea dermatitis.

Email from Debra Rodriguez, RN: “I mixed up cade oil with the pomegranate CO2 for someone who has psoriasis. She has tried numerous over the counter products and RX products without relief! After using it for only a couple of days, she has no more plaques!!”

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. FR-58551
Batch No. SP-59168







5 ml, 15 ml


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