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  Boronia Absolute, 10% Dilution
Boronia megastigma Nees, (commonly called Brown Boronia), solvent extracted, flowering blossoms, Australia.


This small flowering shrub from Western Australia produces one of the rarest absolutes, highly prized by both the perfume and flavoring industries.   The late Winter/ early Spring flowering blossoms must be hand combed individually from the shrubs.

Why so rare? Boronia’s fragrant course is directed by the scarce b-ionone aromatic compound which is also found in Osmanthus, Champa, Rose, and Freesia.  You will find it listed for use in high quality and superior chypre or fougere based perfumes.

Boronia Absolute is dark in color and fresh and fruity in aroma, yet not quite as typically “flowery” as one might expect.  But needless to say, if you love deep, rich, powerful aromas, Boronia must be experienced! It is said to blend well with Sandalwood, Cassie and Mimosa, other florals, and some spice oils.

At full strength the absolute is overwhelming, and really needs extremely low dilution to be appreciated.  Our Australian mentor, Mark Webb, recommends just one drop of the absolute to 10 mls of Jojoba. This low dilution “allows the true aroma to shine through; sweetly soft, well rounded, and floral.”

Certificate of Analysis:

We also offer Boronia Absolute, pure and undiluted.(Sorry, the undiluted absolute has sold out.)

Image courtesy of Mark Webb.

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