Borage Seed Oil, CO2 Extract

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Borago officinalis, Ethically farmed, United Kingdom, Seeds. Produced/extracted, Germany.
• Carrier oil
• Skin nourishing
• Itch relief
• Appropriate for sensitive skin/baby and infant care


Product Information

Borage seed fixed oil is considered one of the “luxury oils,” called for in many skincare formulations, along with Evening Primrose CO2, an oil frequently associated with it.

We have recently had to discontinue offering borage seed oil because of its very short shelf life. Despite storing under nitrogen and in a refrigerator, we ended up throwing away a LOT of Borage Seed Oil. So we stopped making it available.

Enter this amazing CO2 extracted Borage oil. Like cold-pressed Borage Seed Oil is it higher in gamma linolenic acid than any oil we have yet discovered.

Our description of its predecessor: “Borage Oil is the richest source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid-aka-Omega 6). To prevent oxidation of this valuable component the oil should be stored in a cool dark place. It is easily destroyed by heat, light, humidity, and exposure to oxygen. We store ours under a nitrogen blanket.”

Externally Borage Seed Oil is helpful for psoriasis, eczema, prematurely aged skin; good for regenerating and stimulating skin cell activity. It is very penetrating. Borage Seed Oil is said to defer wrinkling, so adding between 2 and 10% to any anti-aging treatment seems appropriate.

According to author and palliative care educator Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes, a blend of Borage Seed CO2 and Evening Primrose CO2 in a base of Organic Jojoba is very effective for itching; including itching from oncological issues, dermatological infections, and a range of other causes. She also says it is a very gentle healing oil good for extra sensitive skin and baby/infant care. (external only)

In texture Borage Seed Oil, CO2 Extracted is one of the heavier fixed oils, but seems to absorb fairly readily into the skin. It is a golden yellow in color. We will be adding this to our beloved Cleopatra’s Secret Serum, and putting small bottles of it in our Eczema/Psoriasis Sampler and our Mature Skin Sampler. I recommend using it as part of a blend of other fixed oils rather than “freestanding.” The producer recommends using it at anywhere between 2 and 10%. The manufacturer recommends storing under an inert gas. We will be storing the bulk stock under nitrogen and under refrigeration. We would recommend decanting into smaller bottles as you use some of the contents, or topping it off with our Oxygen Barrier.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-241305
Batch No. GE-771008
Batch No. GE-861418
Batch No. UK-561116
Batch No. GE-58829






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  1. Catherine

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    Catherine (verified owner)

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  2. Carol from Missouri

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    Carol from Missouri

    I read on this site that different oils work for different people who suffer with eczema. However, since you receive samples of oils with every order, I was lucky to get a Borage oil one. It was amazing! I’ve had eczema for 50 years and tried every prescription ointment on the market. Coconut oil worked for a while, but stopped being effective. This oil is my new ‘go-to’ now.

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