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  Sandalwood New Caledonian
Santalum austrocaledonicum, sustainably plantation grown, hydrodistilled from heartwood.
- lighter and sweeter than Indian Santalum
- aid to meditation and spiritual growth
- tonic to the immune system
- said to be effective for strep throat


Learn about the qualities, uses, and benefits of the entire Collection of Sandalwood Essential Oils here.

It has been some time since we offered this sweet, creamy Sandalwood, but since our supply for the classic Indian Sandalwood has come to a halt, we have been sampling replacements, and this lovely specimen was the universal favorite.  

This lush and sweet Sandalwood is sustainably plantation grown in the French islands of New Caledonia. For every tree that is harvested,  the growers plant not onlly 6 new Sandalwood trees, but 18 new host trees.  By selecting this oil we are contributing to, rather than destroying, Nature's gifts to us.

Aromatically, the New Caledonian oil is perhaps a bit lighter and sweeter than my beloved Indian Santalum album.  I was delighted to encounter it, and as I sit here inhaling from a scent strip we dipped 12 hours ago, I am thinking this might be my favorite of our current range of Sandalwood oils and CO2s.  

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 5 to 8 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.  (This is what the authorities say. I was once gifted a smidgeon of 60 year old sandalwood oil that had been properlty stored, sealed, in a cool dark place.  It was amazing! It's memory remains the benchmark for all other santalum oils.)

Batch # NC-58611
Batch # NC-59086



Customer Reviews

  • 5 Lovely

    Posted by Tiffany from Virginia on 06/20/2018

    This is the daintiest sandalwood I’ve encountered. This makes it perfect for blending with other, more delicately-scented oils that may be overwhelmed by a bolder sandalwood. This is not my favorite sandalwood by itself (though it is lovely!), but I am quite pleased with the extra blending flexibility this gives me. Definitely worth having on hand if you like working with sandalwood.

  • 5 My favorite Sandalwood

    Posted by Kathy from New York on 02/21/2019

    This sandalwood has the sweetest scent of any I’ve encountered. It’s delicate enough to wear as a perfume on its own; I imagine it would also compliment floral or spice oils quite nicely. Well worth the expense for this beautiful oil.

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