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Deck of 42 beautifully designed cards, to help you strengthen your intuition and inner guidance.

– Make a deeper connection with your current emotional state of mind, our physical being and our current circumstances

– Help tap into your intuition

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Included in the set are 42 beautifully illustrated Aromatherapy cards, each representing a different essential oil. Accompanying the cards is a guide book written by Australian Aromatherapist and Naturopath, also known as the Present Day Wise Woman, Jennifer Jefferies. Jennifer has over 30+ years of experience in Aromatherapy and is a published author of many books on the subject. The cards are illustrated by the very talented artist Karen Osborn. Go to the Facebook page Aromatherapy Insight Cards ( )and view the video where Karen explainsthe fine details and carefully selected colors she added to the illustrations to capture the essence of each oil and its purpose.

These Aromatherapy Insight Cards are an intuitive tool to help tap into your emotional state of being. First, you carefully set your intention of your current situation or circumstance with which you want to gain emotional insight. Then, you focus on selecting the Aromatherapy card(s) to connect with your set intention.

By selecting from the cards, we can make a deeper connection with our current emotional state of mind, our physical being and the current circumstances we face. The oils represented on each card selected help manifest a better understanding of our emotions and help carry us in our present or soon to come endeavors. We are choosing these oils for both our emotional and physical therapeutic benefits.

Reach for those oils which call to you, make a beautiful diffuser blend and enjoy the aroma or add them to a topical recipe with a carrier oil. We gravitate to oils for various reasons. When we select these specific Aromatherapy Cards, the universe is trying to tell us something. These cards and beautiful aromatic oils are choosing us for a specific reason. Mediate, explore and discover a deeper emotional connection to your oils and choose your cards with intention in mind.

Jennifer Jeffery writes “The Cards are a powerful tool to help you tap into your intuition. Develop your emotional awareness and increase your knowledge base as you learn the subtle uses for aromatherapy”.

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  1. Pamela from Massachusetts

    ( 1 Review )

    Pamela from Massachusetts (verified owner)

    For the past few weeks I have been enjoying my Aromatherapy Insight Cards for Intuitive Aromatherapy and thought I would write a review and share my first card pulling. The insight card set features 42 different essential oils on individual illustrated cards along with a guide book. Being a person who struggles with the balance of science, faith, fact and intuition I wondered how I would benefit from these cards. So I decided to visit the aromatherapy insight page on Facebook and followed one of the weekly readings. On the page Jennifer Jefferies ND, the author of the insight guide book, walked us through the reading in tandem with Karen Osborn, the illustrator of the insight cards. First, Jennifer explains the meaning of the cards chosen for the week and gives her interpretation of how one might benefit from using the essential oil to help balance one self metaphorically. Karen then eloquently shares the story of the beautiful woman she painted on the card and points out the fine details she included and how her story ties into the reading. It was at that point the creative, intuitive side of me knew I would enjoy having this card set but needed to convince the logical, scientific fact based side of me (because that is what I do). I then thought, why not incorporate these cards in my studies as a learning aromatherapist? What better way to fully understand an essential oil than to fully experience the oil in a personal and intimate way while studying the chemistry and physical benefits at the same time? The whole of me was convinced!

    I was excited to discover offers the cards for sale and placed my order. Quickly my order was delivered. When receiving the cards I was even more impressed by them in person. These 42 quality cards are even more beautiful in person than I expected. They are neatly designed to fit in a sturdy box along with the same size guide book. In the guide book, you will find a description on how to use the cards as well as a brief description on aromatherapy, essential oils and how to use them safely. It then follows with an alphabetical description of each essential oil featured on the cards explaining the metaphysical and physical benefits of each oil as well as the note, chakra and color vibration.

    Excited to begin, I collected my study books, because of course I must feed that part of my brain too; placed the cards on the table and cleared my thoughts. I chose to pick just one card (there are 3 options to choose from) As I willfully spread the cards out and moved them around, I had to consciously remind myself to let the card choose me and not to choose it (because of course the logical part of my brain wants to just take one). While moving the cards I noticed a particular one coming to the surface. Keep moving them, I thought because that was TOO obvious and although the intuitive side of my brain was convinced the logical side needed time to come around. (if you haven’t noticed, I am always working to balance the two) . Moving and swirly with great intention this same card kept coming to my hands enough times that the logical side of me was convinced it was the one. Filled with anticipation, I quickly turned the card over. I immediately groaned out loud. It was Ylang Ylang. The oil I truly hate. The oil if anyone asked me to pick one oil I dreaded this particular one blurts out without hesitation. I swear I can smell it through the cap and it immediately turns me off. Why, was this the first card I chose? A bit disappointed but still determined I turned to the guide book. Immediately I saw the words “balancing left and right brain” and started to laugh out loud. It was exactly what I needed. Instantly my analytical side was silenced and the magical side of the universe speaking to me was heard loud and clear. Challenge accepted! I spent the week working with this oil and learned to appreciate its place in the aromatherapy world. I can now smell it and not end with a loud PEEEW! I researched the physical benefits, the chemistry all while reminding myself of the beauty of the balance of intuition and facts. My brain is satisfied. Perhaps it is was just what I needed. 😉

    These cards are beautiful, informative and yes fun. They are sturdy, well made, easy to follow and again beautiful. They can be used in different ways and for me they are a wonderful tool to learn more about myself as well as the oils and their full potential. I love them and I am glad I purchased them.

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