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  Aroma Stone, Cobalt (no ratings yet)
Safest, most subtle diffuser. Ideal for bedroom, nursery, small spaces. Available in matte eggshell and high gloss cobalt.


My British friends have raved about the gentleness and safety of the Aromastone for years. We have finally imported some to share with you.

These tiny gems are only approximately four inches in diameter, and less than two inches tall. The surface is gently warmed—cooler even than an aromalamp. You may add a bit of warm water to the well or do what most users prefer—just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or synergy directly to the surface. The Aroma Stone is the ONLY method I would recommend for applying direct heat to the fragile essential oils.

The Aroma Stone is our safest diffuser. The lack of fragile glass components, the absence of a candle flame, and its sturdy, stable proportions make this the ideal diffuser for a nursery, a children’s room, or your bed table. I plug it in at night, leave it overnight, and unplug in the morning, if I remember.  To clean, wipe with a damp paper towel after each use. (I try to make that part of my morning routine.)

The Aromastone is best for small areas. I would not count on it to diffuse oils enough to fill a large family room or great room, for example. But for a nursery or bedroom, its subtlety, silence and safety make it ideal.

One customer writes...

Hi gang!

I just wanted to say...I LOVE THIS ITEM!! The Aroma stone is the nicest all purpose diffuser I own. You say it doesn’t diffuse a large room? I think it does a pretty good job of doing just that, and it’s so easy to use and clean. I like my lamp, it’s pretty. I like my nebulizer, it}s therapeutic in its application. I like my scent ball, it works just great. But...the aroma stone doesn’t need candles and doesn’t burn the oils if I forget to watch the water level, it doesn’t spit oils on my desk like my nebulizer did once, and I don’t need any replacement pads like the scent ball requires.

This was a great addition to your line and I’m sorry for the folks who have to wait ’cause you’re all sold out right now (but very glad I ordered mine early!!)

Marian Lane
Fairfield, ID

She later wrote...

Ummm, sure :o) I have also noticed it does a great job at base notes and the more resinous oils...Marian

Available in a deep blue high gloss finish.

110-120 V, 60 Hz, 5 W

To learn about diffusers, and which one might be best for you, please read Which Diffuser Is Best for You.

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