Aroma 2 Go USB Port Diffusers


Ideal for your office or workroom…or anywhere you take your laptop.


Product Information

The Aroma2Go comes with the USB Diffuser (looks like a little Flash Drive, but isn’t!), a tiny bottle with a wick, and a mini pipette for adding your chosen oil. Because of the wick you are rather limited when it comes to changing the oil in it, so we strongly recommend purchasing the additional “replacement pack” of three extra bottle/wick/refills.

I had seen earlier versions of various USB diffusers and was not in the least interested. Could see no sense for it. Then these nice folks sent me one as a gift, and I was sold. I was working very late on this computer, trying to finish the Labor Day special page and newsletter. I added a bit of Eucalyptus staigeriana (to brighten my spirits and bring some enthusiasm to the writing) and loved the effect of the Diffuser. Not as subtle as an Aroma Stone, but gentle. I think this would work beautifully in an office situation. It has three adjustable “speeds.” It probably holds a full ml of oil. It does come with a small pipette, but I tend to reach for our mini-pipettes, because I have them. I just added a wee bit of Atlas Cedarwood on top of the Eucalyptus Staigeriana. Very nice indeed. Perfect stocking stuffer, perfect gift for the “techie” on your list. (*I* am the techie on my list!)

I took one of these with my wee laptop to the AIA conference, everyone who saw one wanted one. The first order thru the website came from Dr. Liana Carbon, who messaged us on Facebook: “Just wanted to tell you how very much I am LOVING my new USB diffuser! I bought the extra refills, and have them filled with different EO blends so I can swap out according to my needs and moods. What a godsend for those of us on the computer for many hours! BRILLIANT invention!”








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