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  • We’ve been restocking and trying to get ready for your holiday shopping.

    New and Back in Stock

    We have a HUGE list of new and/or back in stock products, some at much lower prices than in the past.

    ACCESSORIES, we have restocked our padded Essential Oil Carrying Cases. A huge shipment of Aromatic Jewelry has arrived. Watch this space. Also, from the AIA conference, we have the BioEssence Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches. Not a transdermal patch, an inhalation patch. Apply a drop or two of essential oil to the reservoir, apply to your chest, and inhale the vapors for up to 8 hours. Those of us who have tried these patches are excited to be able to make them available.

    ESSENTIAL OILS and CO2’s… After our class in Atlanta I knew I had to expand our range of CO2 Extracts. In addition to the CO2 extracted carrier oils introduced last month, we have brought in Cinnamon Bark Select CO2, an absolutely sparkling aroma, Star Anise CO2, keystone of traditional Chinese medicine, and we restocked our sweetly scented Myrrh CO2.

    Rosewood Oil… at last a truly sustainable oil. No trees were destroyed for this rosewood, it is distilled from wood left over from furniture production. Since the heartwood has been used for timber, this oil is distilled from smaller branches and sawdust. It is lighter and “twiggier” in aroma than earlier specimens, but we will trade a lighter aroma to save precious natural resources in Brazil!

    Finally… Sweet Basil (Basil Linalol), from Egypt. (Because of the political situation, sourcing Egyptian oils continues to be a challenge.) Styrax (Liquidamber officianalis) from Honduras. New to us, Sweet Birch, from Canada. A powerful pain killer but please read and heed the safety warnings.

    From Madagascar, Tagetes, and from my French distiller, Thyme Linalol and Thyme Thujanol. Both of have been out of stock as we awaited the new distillation. Excellent antibacterials both.

    On Tuesday our long awaited order from a new (to us) distiller in Thailand. We had stopped selling our Plai Oil. It just was not what it should have been. (This demonstrates the difference between “purity” and “quality”…it was a PURE oil, it just wasn’t a GOOD oil.) So we stopped selling it. When people asked for it, I referred them to Joy and Cynthia at Stillpoint Aromatics, because theirs was lovely. And I said, publicly that I didn’t have a source for a good one. Now, the most valuable resource any supplier has is her sources, her producers and suppliers. We do not share that information. But one day in September, I received a message from Joy Musachio, sharing the source of her beautiful Plai oil. I just want to publicly thank these ladies for their loving generous spirits. At any rate, as a result of their generous spirits, we were able to bring in three new oils… first, the long sought Plai Oil, from Central Thailand, reputed to be an effective and long lasting analgesic. I have sought this oil for its pain relieving power and am delighted to be able to make it available. New to us, Kaffir Lime Rind. We have offered Combava Petitgrain, the oil distilled from the leaf of the Cistrus hystrix, the Kaffir Lime, also called Makrut Lime. Now we are able to offer the oil from the zest, as well. This is an unusual citrus oil, lower in d-limonene than most citrus oils, it is a high heart note, for perfumery, rather than the light top note we expect from a citrus oil. Buried amid its complexities is a slim strand of light, sunny true lime. An interesting oil indeed. And, finally, the treasure. A tiny bit of AGARWOOD… True Oud, Aquilaria crassna. It has been years since we have sourced this rare treasure.

    When Mark Webb came to Atlanta he carried some of the Stone Rise Farm Rosemary A-pinene Hydrosol with him. A LOT of it sold in Atlanta. My classmates wanted it as soon as they experienced it. We have a limited amount, and there will be no more. Also, from an artisan distiller in the US, new supplies of Cucumber, Lemongrass, and White Sage Hydrosol. And Roman Chamomile and Peppermint, both organic from France.

    Oh wow… BRAND new (to us!) Shea Nut Oil… the benefits of Shea Butter in a light, quick absorbing oil. Also, back in stock, Macadamia Nut and Hazelnut oils, both with reduced prices.

    SKINCARE Winter Repair Cream — rich, nourishing, unscented. (the mild fragrance just comes from the ingredients; I can smell the cocoa butter.) You may add a drop of your favorite skincare essential oil for even more luxury. Finally back in stock, Baby Bottom Balm, Best Foot Forward Foot Balm, Whipped Shea Souffle, Calendula Melissa Lip Balm. And since we can finally ship our Baby Bottom Balm again, we can offer our Baby Shower Gift sets.


    November makes me crave the warming spices and the deep, comforting wood oils. In case you crave the same things, we are putting all retail sizes of our Spice Oils and our Wood Oils on 10% discount.

    FRIDAY the 13th is your lucky day: Free domestic shipping (priority or ground, our choice) on retail orders over 9.00 Use discount code Black Kat.

    20% on the 20th — On Friday November 20th, use the discount code 1995 to celebrate the year we first went online, and receive 20% off retail sized orders of essential oils in groups U-V, W-X and Y-Z. This will be our final anniversary sale of 2015, because we want to be able to celebrate Christmas with our families. Thank you for joining in our celebration throughout this year.

    Thanksgiving – Black Friday – CyberMonday. Yes, of course we will be having yet another sale. We haven’t decided which or what yet. Sorry! Watch this space, or look for another newsletter.

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