We are so tired of winter. We are welcoming springtime with all the green leafy scents that say “SPRING” to us.. not the lush florals… but the first hints of green after Winter’s barrenness.

Save 10% on retail sizes of the following Harbingers of Spring

Rhododendron, Violet Leaf, vivid Ironbark Eucalyptus, Lemon tea tree, and Lemon eucalyptus, Coriander (the sunshine spice!), Bergamot Mint, Balm Mint Bush, Beeswax Absolute, Galbanum, the “rites of spring” oil, Rosalina, light and delicate.

And for Spring Cleaning: Tea tree, Manuka, Geranium, Palma Rosa (did you know those last two were powerful germfighters? We tend to overlook them.)

Skincare Sale

For winter weary skin, we are putting ALL of our skincare products on sale. 10% off retail.

Make your own moisturizers? Save 10% on all of our individual carrier oils, infused oils, and butters.

(When the seasons change from Winter’s dry cold to Summer’s hot mugginess I like to switch to lighter oils for moisturizing and cleansing. Perhaps you do to? This is your time to stock up.)

Book Sale

My mentor Madeleine Kerkhof is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her company, and her 10th anniversary of providing AromaCare products this year. In her honor, we are discounting her landmark book, Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care. Save 10% from March 1 – 20, while current supplies last. (Yes, the shipfree discount code will apply!)

New Fixed/Carrier Oils

Moringa, Meadowfoam

New Essential Oils

Eastern Hemlock, from Canada, and Ajowan CO2 from Germany

Back in Stock

We’ve restocked goodies from our supplier in India: more White Ginger Lily, more Blue Lotus Absolute, and finally a good Holy Basil, Apricot Oil infused with Golden Champa (lovely floral body oil!) now available in a 16 oz bulk refill. And, from a USA distiller, specially distilled for Nature’s Gift, a new batch of Patchouli Hydrosol.

Blog Updates

Facebook Updates

These are just a handful of the tidbits that are shared with our Facebook followers every month. And, of course, they are the first to see announcements of new and back in stock oils. Remember last year, for awhile, we did a “Mondays With Marge” series, where folks posted questions and we would answer them on Monday evening? We are planning a weekly or biweekly Facebook live where folks can ask questions, and I’ll try to answer them. Stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook.

Our Clients Say

Black Sacra

Hello Marge, I needed to tell you that I received my new Black Sacra Frankincense today and OH MY….time stopped still and when I came back, I found myself not just holding the bottle but cradling it!! Such a precious oil. It deserves to be held so lovingly.

Thank you for making it available to us again. Next purchase…the new Black Sacra hydrosol I see you have now. I will be ready for it!

With much gratitude, Chrystyna

German Angelica Root

Sophia Rose writes, The Angelica Oil is divine. I have only just smelled it so I can give you my first impression. My feeling with this Angelica Root oil is that I experience it as one that connects me deep and securely into the depth of the earth but also up to the Angelic Realm. My experience of Angelica up until this one is it connecting me into the earth but this is the first oil that I feel also connects me to the Angelic Realm. This is how I just experienced this oil. I know it is said to be the oil that connects to the Angels and this oil has done that for me, I experienced this very clearly energetically. So I am over the moon delighted to have this very special treasure.

She went on to write about other oils in our Private Reserve collection, and, I am completely and totally intoxicated and in love with the Bitter Orange Oil. Wowzer, how gorgeous is this oil!!!!!!!!!! I love all the oils, the Pine/Pine Cone is beautiful, the Black Spruce is a delight, all the oils are gorgeous.

Happy Dreams

We are seeing positive reviews on Facebook…people whose little ones (toddlers, typically) unable to sleep through the night. Diffuse Happy Dreams for a few minutes before bedtime and voila, a good night’s sleep for Mommy and child. I love that this is helping people!

Quote of the Month

Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms without the aid of the seasons.
Kahil Gibran

May you have a refreshing and renewing Spring Equinox and may your March become a Lamb, not a Lion!

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