The holidays are over and this unusual winter drags on. My housemate and I are both battling colds, many friends have suffered various viruses… tis the season to stock up on all the germ beaters, anti-virals and anti-bacterial blends and oils.


Our best cold/flu/germ fighters, all at 10% off:

Deep Breath, FluFoil, GermBeater and GermBeater Spice, KleenHandz and SineEase.

Anti-viral essential oils, retail sizes 10% off: Ravensara Aromatica, Ravintsara, Saro.


Blood Orange … best anti-depressant… for the long dark days of January. Exotic Ylangylang Complete for a taste of the tropics. Our rich Winter Repair Cream to protect against winter’s ravages. Canadian Juniper Berry, the most cleansing of oils.


  • SOLUBOL New, from France, the first safe FOOD GRADE diluent. If you insist on adding pure essential oils to your beverages, this is the safer and more appropriate method.
  • OPTIPHEN ™ A safe and effective broad spectrum preservative for your creams and lotions. Read more here.
  • Rose Hip SEED CO2 The replacement for our hard to find cold-pressed rose hip seed oil. For use as a fixed oil for mature skin and scarring.
  • GINGER CO2 SELECT Milder and gentler than our Ginger CO2 Total, with less of the “heat”…. best for flavoring, gentler for topical use. Aromatically our favorite Ginger.

    From the January 2001 Newsletter…just as valid today:

    Swelling and toothaches? Joyce Brumbaugh recently wrote that her daughter had had some teeth extracted and “her jaw looks like a walnut” even after several days of icing, etc. I suggested she try some Helichrysum essential oil, applied externally. (She had been rinsing her mouth with Tea Tree to prevent infection.)

    Joyce writes: “Yea!! Having Helichrysum (diluted about 90%) and having applied to the jaw line from the back of the ear down to the chin the “walnut” almost disappeared after using the oil during the afternoon and overnight. Hopefully the Tea Tree will keep it infection free. My daughter is glad to have the swelling down — she was beginning to be concerned about whether or not her skin would stretch and sag. Thanks for all your input.”


    Unwanted Visitors from Linda Isbell… using peppermint eo to keep mice away, as well as ants… cold weather has hit, and normally they would be trying to come inside… peppermint oil on cotton balls (?) seems to keep them outside… where she vastly prefers them! (I didn’t know that!)


    Julia Swope recently wrote, “Thank you for being in business! I love your oils very much and especially love the info given. Reading the description is like hearing about a dear friend, not just a product.”


    A conversation with Hope S, that just made me laugh:

    Also, I have one more question, for my own understanding, if you feel comfortable answering. I sent my friend some of your oils, and while she said she likes them, she thinks they’re too strong (compared to her dT). She also said she was having trouble figuring out your sourcing, which made no sense to me because you have such fantastic information on each oil on your website. I advised her to contact you with any questions she had. Anyway, for MY OWN edification, could you speak to the strength statement? (I would not share this with her uunless it was ok — I’m not wanting a he said, she said, just seeking understanding.) I too have found your oils to be stronger than others I have tried — Ananda, Aura Cacia, Simple Organics, and Plant Therapy. Your oils to my non-educated nose have far more depth and breadth than others I’ve used, and I felt that was a good thing. I feel comfortable and confident using them well diluted as I can still smell them and feel them working. And they last (the smell lingers) much longer too. What am I missing that my friend isn’t, or vice versa?

    “Too strong” makes me laugh. The intensity is, perhaps, an indicator of quality of what a PURE, UNDILUTED and superbly distilled essential oil should be.

    What does she mean “figuring out our sourcing???” We do NOT buy from some big commercial supplier. Whenever possible, as stated on our website, we buy either directly from the distiller or we buy from the distiller’s agent. We do our own sourcing.

    What is there to figure out about that?
    (This wasn’t the end of the conversation, it went on for several more messages, but this was the part that just tickled me, and I was given permission to quote.)


    Ange Finn, from Houston TX wrote the following:

    Hi, Marge, I just want to send a compliment on your Cleopatra’s Secret Skin Serum. When I read online that one drop is enough, I was skeptical. But I ordered it anyway, choosing it over the cream, and thought I’d give it a try. Not only does it smell deliciously mysterious, but you’re right: one drop IS enough. I usually use it under my moisturizer. Recently, I had two compliments on my skin in one day—must be the Cleopatra’s Secret! Thanks, Ange Finn (Feel free to use this w/name.)


    and Kim Healy wrote:

    I just plugged in my new Aroma2Go to my laptop computer and am breathing in Citrus Smile. All I can say is, Truth in advertising! I loove citrus oils and have been afraid to use them in baths or on skin since learning they photosensitize, so this convenient inhaling option is a godsend!


    Aromatic Quote of the Season

    “And now we welcome the new year, Full of things that have never been.” —Rainer Maria Rilke

    May 2016 bring you everything you need, and some of the things you dream of!


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