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  • Holiday Shipping Schedule
  • Nature’s Gift Holiday Schedule
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  • It’s DECEMBER? Where has this year gone?

    And the holidays are upon us. Our friends in India have already celebrated Diwali, Bhodi day, the feast of enlightenment is next week, Hanukkah is upon us, Christmas and the midwinter Solstice are an eyeblink away. And a new year will be beginning.

    Meanwhile… to help you prepare for your holidays, Nature’s Gift is offering our four Holiday Synergies: Winter Sunshine, Oh Christmas Tree, Holiday Joy and Three Kings at a 10% discount. Also, bring the smells of your favorite Christmas tree into your home by diffusing your chosen Conifer Essential Oils… all retail sizes at a 10% savings until the end of the year.

    Check our website or our Facebook page daily for a single very special sale. One day it may be a rare oil at wholesale pricing, another it may be a “buy one get one free” offering for a specific product. Diffusers. Christmas gifts. Special books. There’s no telling what the sale will be. Our PLAN is for it to go into effect AROUND midnight and last for about 24 hours. Many of them will be “supplies are limited” so check EARLY. There may be a “buy this and get a surprise gift.” There may be some VERY special “found” items. The possibilities are endless!

    Have you seen our new Gift Certificates ? The perfect way let them choose what they would love… or send Santa the link to fill YOUR stocking!

    SHIPPING for “by Christmas” Arrival

    According to the USPS the deadlines for mailing are:

    Dec. 21 – Priority Mail (Domestic service in 1, 2, or 3 business days based on where your package starts and where it’s being sent, variety of Flat Rate options.)
    Dec. 23 – Priority Mail Express (Fastest domestic service, guaranteed overnight scheduled delivery to most locations. Some restrictions and exceptions apply. Please note, Priority Mail Express postage refund eligibility is adjusted for shipments mailed Dec. 22 through Dec. 25.)


    We will be shipping orders through Wednesday, December 23rd. Orders received before noon, CENTRAL TIME, on the 23rd will ship that day if humanly possible. We will close for family time December 24th and Christmas Day, to reopen FOR INVENTORY on December 28th. In theory no order will ship from Christmas Eve until next year. Now, if you have a medical emergency and need something shipped overnight right this minute… we will do whatever we can on the days that we are in the office (12/28–12/30) to process and ship OVERNIGHT ORDERS. FedEx Overnight or USPS Express mail only. (If it’s an emergency, you need it tomorrow, if you don’t need it tomorrow, then it is not an emergency.) Call or email us to alert us to your inbound order so we will be sure to see it. (Remember, we’ll be taking inventory, not sitting at our computers.)


    I make my artificial tree smell like a fresh cut balsam fir by adding two or three mls of Balsam Fir Essential Oil to one of our wee Hanging Clay Pots and hanging the pot from an inner branch (up high, out of reach of pets or grandchildren!). When I come home from work and open the front door, I smell CHRISTMAS TREE!

    Did you know we have a Page of Recipes among our Aromatherapy Information files? One of my mother’s best cookie recipes ( Orange Meltaways ) is there.

    Or there’s my “co-grandmother”, Paula’s, Peppermint Bark, posted in a blog article here.

    And I am reminded that we need to share our Pomander Ball Cleaner, (from a 2001 newsletter).

    And… a quick and easy gift, or treat for yourself: Sunshine Honey .


    We’ve had several guest bloggers through out November, and plan to continue through December with gift ideas, formulas, recipes, so please check our Blog regularly.

    Aromatic Quote

    Ten years ago, we closed our Holiday newsletter with this quote, that still feels applicable and needed.

    “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
    —Hamilton Wright Mabie (1845-1916), New York author, editor, essayist

    May your holidays be joyous!

    Fifteen years ago we closed a Christmas newsletter with this… it still feels appropriate, but the names have all changed. I am the only constant.

    We were talking this morning about how this time of year is a Sacred Season for people of so many faiths… may you all have a blessed holiday season, no matter how
    you celebrate it. And for those of you traveling… stay safe and warm and comfortable. We will talk to you again in January!

    Amy, Beverly, Christi, Cindi, Jim, Kabrina, Marge, Michelle, Misty, and Rebecca.


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