FEBRUARY — the shortest month and the longest newsletter! Pour yourself a cuppa, and settle in for a good read!.

This LONG newsletter contains:

  • February Sales
  • Found in Inventory
  • Not Quite Perfect – books
  • New Arrivals: Sandalwood and Buddha Wood CO2s, Patchouli Hydrosol
  • Back in Stock
  • Uncommon Scents, the Movie
  • Our Clients Say
  • Aromatic Quotes for February
  • February Sales, including one on 2/2!

    February SALES

    For Valentines Day, our favorite oils for lovers, retail sizes of all of our Roses and Sandalwoods, including the 10% dilutions are all at a 10% discount this month.

    And to combat winter dry skin (does anyone NOT have it?) our favorite creams and lotion are on sale at 10% off. Save on Cleopatra’s Secret Radiance, Harmony Facial Lotion, Lavender Silk Lotion, Silken Skin Lotion, and Winter Repair Cream.

    On 2/2/16 Buy one Get one Free … Buy any piece of our Aromatherapy Jewelry, get one of equal or lower value free. Buy one Deluxe Personal Inhaler, get one of our choice free.

    Presidents Day Holiday
    Feb 15 save 15% on everything in our Carriers and Diluents category, including: Individual Carrier Oils, Samplers for Various Skin Types, Infused Oils, Butters, Other Diluents, Floral and Other Waxes, and Salts. Use discount code President.

    LEAP YEAR DAY Feb 29th. There will be a sale to be revealed.


    We have a LARGE amount of an Australian Eucalyptus Globulous that never was put online. Conventionally farmed and to my nose not quite as crystal clear as our Organic Spanish Eucalyptus, but at a significantly lower price. Both are available for those stuffy wintery noses.

    CONVENTIONAL Red Mandarine: We don’t offer conventionally farmed cold-pressed citrus oils for reasons we have stated for years. We ended up with this…it’s a long story. Half the price of our organic Mandarine, take it home with you if you have a use for it. Available in 15 mls only.

    A true treasure: while they last, we have two 2 ml bottles of our Sandalwood Vanuatu, a 2009 distillation. This has been marked sold out for several months, but there they are. While they last.

    Criste Marine, only a handful of 2 ml bottles. Rose de Mai 10% dilution…the rarest of the rare.

    NOT QUITE PERFECT: Our imported copies of Salvatore Battaglia’s Books are steady sellers on Amazon for 40–50. We offer them on the website for 9.00. We have a small handful damaged in shipping. In most cases one of the corners is crushed or wrinkled. None are what I would consider severely damaged, all are perfectly readable. While these slightly damaged copies last, snag one for 0.00. (We supply several college bookstores with these; they are used in college level
    aromatherapy courses as textbooks.)


    From a producer in Australia, recommended by my instructor Mark Webb we have CO2 extractions of Australian Sandalwood, and of Buddha Wood. The Sandalwood CO2 totally blew all of us away. Aromatically magnificent and at a (relatively) bargain price and, custom distilled by a master herbalist, just for Nature’s Gift, organically grown
    Patchouli Hydrosol.


    Moisturizing, soothing Aloe Vera Butter (great protection for winter chapped cheeks!), and our
    Melissa Calendula Lip Balm

    My favorite new
    Aromatherapy Book.
    Yes, it’s an investment. If you are a serious student it is a must have. (And we undersell Amazon!)


    An inspired documentary exploring aromatherapy: what it is, how it works, and why it matters.

    This is important work, by impassioned and talented producers. Nature’s Gift (and many other familiar names in our field) are PROUD to contribute and to support this crowd funded effort. We’ve blogged about our involvment here.

    BLOG Update

    Only one article so far this year, but one written from passion. We just got TIRED of being asked “Which of your Frankincense oils should I take for cancer?” Please read, and bookmark, “ Sometimes we cry.”

    And, of course, the article supporting Uncommon Scents, the Movie.

    There has been talk online that a hydrosol can be created from an essential oil and water. So my friend Ann Harman wrote a guest blog article clarifying what is a TRUE hydrosol.


    Pain Relief
    During a recent conversation in a Facebook group several members commented on our Kunzea Ambigua as a pain reliever. And others mentioned that adding our new Plai Oil to the blend seemed to extend the duration of the relief they were receiving. We LOVE hearing feedback like that! Also, we are learning as we go. It appears that one of the components that makes Plai oil such an effective pain reliever is a fairly high content of sabinene, at least over 30%. The Plai oil that we offered a couple of years ago was much lower, and we are delighted to have been able to find a better specimen for you.

    I can only imagine the physical abuse a dancer’s body takes. Lori recently shared, “I was asked to let you all know about oils I used this past weekend. Before I begin, these are not little girls and I asked parents first! That being said, my oldest had her final ballet recital this weekend. 6 shows in 3 days! I grabbed a few oils Friday just in case and they were needed! We had a couple falls and a strange knee Saturday. I had brought a roller bottle of Nature’s Gifts trauma oil and muscle blend mixed and used on the knee and a shoulder. The girl with the bad shoulder went out for her next dance!! Then I took just trauma oil and rubbed some calves and feet, especially the pointe girls. They were all super impressed! No pain and they were able to keep moving and finish. Thanks Marge from all of the girls of Winterdance 2016.”

    I LOVE hearing that our oils helped!!!!

    Sciatica? Neuropathy? Who knows!
    My friend Johnny is being awakened in the night with pains in his legs. Sometimes they get better for a night or two after he sees his chiropractor, mostly they don’t. He says they keep him awake. And lack of sleep makes him grumpy. He does NOT believe that my oils work. Anything else I have given him he says does not make a difference. But I got TIRED of listening to him griping about his legs hurting. So. I mixed up two rollons. Both with a base of Callophyllum inophyllum, because I have had feedback that it is helpful for neuropathy. To one I added Helichrysum italicuum and Kunzea. Perhaps a five percent dilution. To the other I added Heli, Kunzea and Roman Chamomile. It is hard for him to admit that they are helping. But he says he is getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in over a month. From a big tough guy like Johnny… that is high praise.

    Aromatic Quotes from the February, 2006 Newsletter

    Three aromatic quotes for Valentines Day:

    “Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms without the aid of the seasons.”
    —Kahil Gibran


    “Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.”
    —Helen Keller

    Love means the warmth of the sun,
    the aroma of a rose,
    the breeze of the sea,
    but as you can see
    it never means the same for anyone.
    Love acquires its true meaning
    by experiencing it for the first time
    because only then can you define it.
    —Nestor Gallardo

    Have a wonderful end of January, a happy Ground Hog day, a patriotic President’s Day, and a DELIGHTFUL Valentines day, everyone!

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