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SkeeterBeater Reviews

Feedback from clients pleased and amazed with “SkeeterBeater” Nature’s Gift’s blend of essential oils with proven insect repellent effects.

SkeeterBeater Blend in Lotion:

From Beth Werner, in Upstate New York:

Pookie (4 1/2 yrs) has seemed to be allergic to every insect bite she’s ever received. They welt up into these huge bumps, break open, bleed...if it’s gross, they do it! They take weeks to go away. It’s been awful. The doctor says there’s not much we can do except try to make sure she doesn’t get the bites in the first place. We’ve tried everything from the store bought brands of insect repellent to the oils recommended here on your site. Nothing has worked consistently and well on all the little critters (mosquitoes, spiders, etc.). Last order I asked for a sample of the skeeterbeater, thinking it couldn’t hurt to try that too since we’ve tried everything else. OH MY GOODNESS...

We went to a picnic Saturday (3-10 p.m.). Not only did Pookie not get ONE bite (she would have been covered with bites), none of the rest of us did either. Not even 17 month old Zach got a hit and I was a bit nervous about using it on him since the lemon tea tree is so strong. But he’s used it twice and had no problem at all. I added the sample to a really small spray bottle of plain water and we shake it before spraying. I’m so impressed I can’t believe it.

Another SkeeterBeater endorsement...from Chrisine Arp, on one of the soap and toiletries lists:

I just wanted to throw in my own RAVING endorsement for this blend — it works incredibly well!! My family thinks so and so does absolutely everyone else who has tried it (I add it to my lotion recipe). It’s not just a matter of insects not biting...they don’t even come around. If you’re at all interested in a GOOD, WORKING insect repelling EO blend, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

Kudos to Marge — once again! — for her Skeeter Beater!!


SkeeterBeater in Waterbased Spray

Becky from Minnesota writes:

Tried the Skeeter Beeter tonight, I mixed it with water and sprayed it on and went out and stood in the tall grass. (We live in the country.) The only place the mosquitos bothered me was in my ears, so . . . I’m going to mix up a little “perfume” I think I’ll put a few drops in some jojoba oil and dab some behind my ears. =) It does smell nice too, not like those awful bug sprays!!!!



Elizabeth, in Spanaway, Washington writes:

Another observation. I had a bunch of big black flies buzzing around some cat food that was on the porch. I sprayed all around the dish and — what do you know — the flies went away and stayed away for over an hour. Mind you, these are the flies that you can’t kill with a hammer, but the Skeeterbeater was more than they could deal with (at least temporarily). Now I spray the porch well (not just around the door) several times a day and it’s been “flyfree” ever since.


In Africa: Mosquitoes and Tse-tse flies

Nancy White wrote last spring:

Hi Marge,

I just wanted to let you know that I tried a combination of oils in SkeeterBeater on my recent trip to East Africa like you suggested. Where we were there not only were the Malaria causing mosquitos (can’t remember their scientific name) but also Tse-Tse flies. Those little things BITE!

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how to use the combination so I blended it willy-nilly into body lotion and used it. I now think I would also add it to some very lightweight carrier oil like hazelnut — it’s very hot and humid there and I have oily skin — to use in addition to the lotion. I’m also wondering about a hydrosol of some sort for when I return in December.

I was bitten only ONCE during the whole trip ... by a Tse-Tse fly on my left hand where I had not put any lotion. That’s it. One time. And they *swarmed* all over us whenever we stopped on the Serengeti or at Lake Manyara. My traveling companion was bitten pretty extensively but stubbornly refused to use the lotion. Our guide had small children and I left my excess with him as he doesn’t like to put chemicals on them. He writes that it is wonderously effective for them too. So I may soon be supplying East Africa with oils from your company if they can’t find them there. LOL.

I wanted you to know this so you could pass it on. If it will work for me (I’m pretty susceptable to bites) in East Africa, it must be pretty darn good.

If you have any suggestions about other methods of delivery for this little miracle, I’d be happy to try them next trip and report back. The hydrosol-like idea, if I can figure out a way to make it work, would be terrific — protective as well as cooling and refreshing. I’m quite a novice at this so it’s pretty hit or miss for me.

(The above was written before we started producing our SkeeterBeater Body Oil and our SkeeterBeater Gel.)


“In the Woods”

Migdalia Cook wrote:

Hi! I used the essential oils that Marge is talking and it worked just fine during my trip to the woods last month. The mosquitos were pretty bad in the early evening and at night but I didn’t get bit.


Backyard protection

Bobbi Guerra shares:

I can tell you that I just finished working in our mosquito laden yard and not one bite. I used the SkeeterBeater Synergy in a base of jojoba oil. This is the formula from Marge Clark (thanks a million Marge) I am the one who gets the most bites in our family and this blend is a godsend for me.


“Alaska Mosquitoes—the state bird?”

Jessica Turnoff, from Florida writes: "And it is almost time for more Skeeterbeater. That blend is really amazing. I was in rural Alaska this summer where the mosquitoes are as big as your head and can multiply freely in the 24 hour sunlight. While my friends sprayed themselves with poison, I remained bite-free with Skeeterbeater. I smelled much nicer too."



Debi Wolf from Nashville wrote:

We were camping in a grassy field, and the first night, setting up our tent and all, the chiggers were eating me alive.

The next day, I applied a band of your SkeeterBeater around my feet and ankles. That solved the problem. No more Chiggers for the whole weekend.

Thanks, Marge!


More from Africa

Allen Bechky, a safari guide, wrote the following:

Hi Marge,

I’ve been back from southern Africa for two weeks and am just getting around to giving you my report. It worked pretty well, in fact, I'll be calling you to order a 4 oz bottle for my next trip. You can feel free to use my report with my name as a testimonial if you like. You might also be interested to see the relevant pre-trip information I am currently sending to my clients (submitted at the bottom). Here goes:

As a professional safari guide with over 20 years experience leading safaris in Africa, I am always interested in new and useful outdoors products or equipment. My interest was pricked when a client reported that she had discovered an insect repellant that is effective against tsetse flies. I was skeptical; these little creatures perform a very important role in nature conservation by keeping humans and their cattle out of wildlife areas. But they bite, they are tenacious, and they are annoying. In my experience, nothing worked against tsetse flies. Nothing worked! not even the horrible skin-searing concoctions composed of 100% DEET! So it was with considerable doubt that I took a vial of SkeeterBeater to try out on safari to Zambia — the tsetse fly capital of Africa.

I am pleased to report that SkeeterBeater worked pretty well in repelling tsetses. My clients and I tried it in some heavily infested areas in Kafue National Park-- a place where we are normally tortured by swarms of tsetses as we past through thickets or dense forests (tsetses do not occur in open plains areas such as Tanzania’s Serengeti). I gave the SkeeterBeater a fair test- spreading the oil on my arms and legs and leaving them bare and therefore open to possible attack. Occasionally flies buzzed around me and I received the odd bite. My clients, with less need to subject themselves to attack in the interests of science, wore much better clothing (long sleeved pants and shirts), but they too thought that SkeeterBeater was effective in preventing bites and buzzing around their exposed parts (face and hands).

I also found that I liked to use the SkeeterBeater. I find the patchouli smell and the feel of the oil on my skin quite pleasant-- a sharp contrast to the horrible odors and sensations associated with DEET-based insect repellents.

So all in all, I give SkeeterBeater high marks on its trial run. I am impressed enough to bring it along for further trials on my next safari. I aim to give it another good test in a notorious tsetse zone. Let’s hope it works! — I’m counting on it.

Allen Bechky

Allen Bechky Safaris
1140 Washington Ave, Albany, CA 94706, USA
Tel: 510 524 7587, Fax: 510 524 4530


Tsetse Flies and How to Avoid Them

Tsetses are annoying, they bite, and we’ll definitely be meeting some of them on the trip. Some parts of the Serengeti woodlands (in the north of the park) have lots of them — especially those where drive through thicket or forest — others regions have none (like the open Serengeti Plains and Ngorongoro).

Some people are extremely sensitive to tsetse bites and get itchy swelling at the site of a bite; others much less so. The best way to protect yourself from tsetses is to cover up while in infested areas:

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants.
  • Wear light colors. Tsetse are attracted to blue and black, and possibly other dark colored fabrics.
  • Bring light cotton gloves and a head-net. They may not be needed but could come in handy if you are very sensitive tsetse bites.
  • Wear insect repellent. Most insect repellants are not very effective in deterring tsetse flies, however, Allen Bechky has tried a new natural product on a recent trip to Zambia — and it seemed to work pretty well against tsetse — the first product that he has ever deemed effective. This product is a rather pleasant oil — if you don’t mind the smell of patchouli. Allen and his clients found it pleasant and it didn’t irritate the skin. The product is called “Skeeterbeater,” available from an outfit called Nature’s Gift. We can’t endorse this product but you might want to check it out at

Our note...we REALLY appreciate all the feedback from happy users!



Mary Hayne recently wrote:

You may already know this, but the Skeeter Beater works wonders at repelling fire ants! I got swarmed and bitten before I could pull out my spray, after I sprayed my legs, not another ant came anywhere near me for the rest of the evening. Now the trick is to get the spray on me before I arrive at the lake (cannot wait for the cajeput to arrive today so that I can get the flaming bites cooled down). It also works very well for fruit flies in the kitchen that like to attack my breakfast fruit. Many thanks for such great stuff.

I love it when folks give us new uses for our products!


Read about, and order, our SkeeterBeater Blend here.


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