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Praise from Our Customers

I've been selling our pure and natural essential oils, and other aromatherapy accessories online for some time now. In the "real world" of neighborhoods and local shops, a shopkeeper can count on word of mouth advertising. On the 'net, e-mail is the only word of mouth we have.

The following is just a sample of the many enthusiastic responses we have received....

These remarks are genuine, spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm. They were so delighted that when I asked their permission to share their excitement with you, they were also kind enough to say, "Sure!"


About Our Essential Oil Quality

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About Our Healing Synergistic Blends

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About Our Essential Oil Quality

From Jane:

I just want to extend my appreciation for the service you provide at naturesgift. The quality of your products are amazing and you're most generous with the free samples. I'll definately be getting the lemon verbana when it becomes available. The sandalwood is divine, by the way. Good quality essential oils have such a powerful transformative effect on one's mood and spirit. Getting a box from naturesgift is like Christmas! 

From Ann Gibson, Australian Customer:

Thanks. The parcel arrived yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with the oils. I have been a big fan of your website for quite a while and would drool over the descriptions of the oils. However, the idea of ordering precious items from half way around the world, particularly with the high exchange rate, stopped me from participating, so I kept my ordering within Australia. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I just had to try some of your exquisite oils. They were certainly worth the leap of faith. They are all so well rounded. The sample of Clary Sage that you sent was probably the most amazing. I have had clary sage before from a number of sources, but they were all bland compared with yours. I didn't realise that Clary Sage could have such a range of notes and feel so alive. The sandalwood CO2 is strong yet understated with a mellow, confident feel about it, and the Linden Blossom is absolutely delightful. The helichrysum is not sharp or dull, but abundant with a variety of woody, earthy notes. Every time I smell it I detect something new. The vanilla CO2 is also an absolute pleasure with no sharpness. Thank you for the chance to experience what good quality oils should smell like. Thank you also for the faultless, speedy service, despite the distance.

From Lane Leabow, YL distributor and my good friend:

Wow and yippee and oh boy and...


I'm playing and taking notes, enjoying a few of the oils. One tidbit now: people have to know to purchase both rose eo and absolute at the same time. For systemic impact through olfactory stimulation (enjoying the aroma here, therapy = en JOY ment) having both products is wonderful. One can appreciate and adjust (add) the heady sweetness of the most wonderful absolute of rose i have ever had the pleasure to smell to the fullness and rooted depth of the rose eo to fine tune their own Experiencing of the Rose.

All right, one more. I challenge anyone to match and exceed the quality of your citrus oils. I believe you have really done your nosework. You're the Queen of Citrus until further notice.

[much deleted]

In closing, your oil's quality shines through, even softly, sometimes.


From Jennifer:

I wanted to let you know that I got my order (the lavender and ylang ylang) and I really REALLY love most of the samples you sent me. I will definitely be ordering some small quantities of most of them in the near future. BUT, what I wanted to tell you the sample of Sandalwood you sent me is the absolute best I have ever sniffed. It is heavenly and exactly what I have been searching for. I will get some money together and order the Sandalwood if nothing else! (love the spikenard as well - very interesting and the clary sage and the heli and......)

Later, when I wrote asking for permission to use her message: Sure, no problem — I am a very happy customer. I have found the oils you sell to be of the best quality -- and on top of that-- they are some of the most "special" or treasured of my collection.

From Beth:

(Beth had been going through some difficult times, and I felt that Jasmine was appropriate.)

Hey Marge - I couldn't help but take a moment and thank you so very much for my last order. Again, I am so very pleased with everything I've ordered from you - from soup to nuts (or Rosemary to Lavender). But nothing topped finding my jasmine teaser in the top of my box. I almost cried. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Those "you didn't have to do that" things are often the most precious - and this was. Thank you so much.

John was so impressed that he told me I could order my bottle when our tax money comes in - so keep on the lookout for that order!

Hugs to you and Jez :-)

From Susan:

The order arrived today, and everything is simply heavenly. Not to be even compared to the stuff I picked up locally. Now I'm going to have to work very hard at restraint because there are so many things I left off of the first order that I know that I just have to have. Don't be surprised if you hear from me again soon.

(and we did! ;-)

From Sherry:

My oils came. Thanks! Excellent! Good darn stuff! I've tried many but I think you are it Miss Marge!!!!

From Dusti:

I wanted to let you know that the lovelies I ordered arrived today safe and sound. I absolutely love both. The Jasmine is to die for but then Jasmine is my favorite, without a doubt. Since I had never made the acquaintance of Champaca, I decided to try a drop of that perfume on my wrists. Oh my! How beautiful!! It's spicy, exotic, and simply wonderful.I am definitely going to enjoy wearing these two and am so very glad that I decided to pamper myself!

From Julie:

My stuff came yesterday, all safe and sound! The pink grapefruit is addictive! I can't stop going by and taking a whiff, I almost like it better than tangerine, for right out of the bottle! WHo would guess!

From Gail:

My order came through quick...THANK YOU...The extra bottle of ylang ylang is delightful! I'm off to enjoy...glad I found you! Gail

From Judy:

Dear Marge,

I just want to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. For nearly a year, I have been educating myself through books and computer links regarding aromatherapy, and your website is one of my favorite (in fact I check it every 2-3 days to make sure I have not missed anything!). I am very impressed with your knowledge and with the quality of the essential oils I have purchased. In fact, I could hardly wait for my credit card bill to arrive so that I could place another order from you (needed to spread out that huge purchase, you know).

Keep up the good work. You have a customer for life!

(And when I wrote asking for permission to use the above:)

Yes, you have my permission to use my quote and my e-mail address. I have been extremely pleased with every one of my purchases from you and, as you can see from the dollar amount I have spent with your company, I am (and will) continuing to purchase from you every month (hopefully the money won't run out -- ha!)

My husband has commented on how much softer my skin is ... I have been using your clarifying synergy in my cleansing cream and my toner, and have also been mixing my own synergies for my "experienced" skin to use in my night cream.

I just LOVE the Fog Cutter synergy, and use it in one of my terra cotta pots every day at work, and run the nebulizer I purchased from you in my bathroom every morning as I am getting ready for work, and then move it into my living room for a few minutes before I leave my house. Since I "finished" the Fog Cutter synergy, I have made a few of my own, the most current of which is a very fresh and light citrus synergy (lemon, lime, orange, spearmint and peppermint). I have an aromalamp which I "burn" almost every night, usually with patchouli, ylang ylang and sandalwood (especially since I cannot use these "heavier" oils in my nebulizer). My house smells WONDERFUL and I know the air is not only fragrant, but "disinfected" as well. We have 3 house dogs, and I honestly believe they have benefited from my daily use of these essential oils as well.

Marge, I cannot tell you how very pleased I am to have "found" you, so please feel free to use any of my "thank you" messages because they come from the bottom of my heart, and are as sincere and honest as can be. Aromatherapy has changed my life in a very positive way, and I utilize every opportunity given to me to share that knowledge with others.

Your customer for life, Judy

From Brenda:

Dear Marge,
I just wanted to let you know I received my oils today. I am VERY pleased withthem!!!!! Please expect more orders from me in the near future.
Angels and sunshine, Brenda

From Janice:

Besides the rose otto (your are right present for Mari) in jojoba, I would like 1/16 oz. of helichrysum. I just want to use it for first aid. Mari broke her toe and it was so black and blue that I asked the list for help. Several told me to use helichrysum and of course I didn't have any. You were gone so I am not sure about buying from anyone else so did not get to try it on the bruse. I know that when I get eosfrom you that I am getting quality. So as we say in IN "If it's not broke don't mess with it." I have liked everything I have purchased from you. Send me a bill and I will send you a check.
Thanks. Jan

From Cheryl Bonner:

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I got your samples today! Thank you very much for your speedy service!! I asked Mary from [another company] for a couple samples about four weeks ago and I still haven't received them. So, you can see how amazed I was to find your samples in my mail box today! Thanks again. I will definitely keep your quick service in mind while making my decisions for future suppliers. BTW: The Vetiver Super smell great. Better than I have found so far. Also your rosewood and ylang ylang are very good. I will have to order some of those from you soon.
Thanks, Cheryl

From Justine:

I received my order yesterday, what a treat to receive a package filled with good energy and wonderful oils! I particularly like the geranium, clary and lavendars. Thanks for the samples! I am new to essential oils and this is the first time I have had my hands on really quality examples. I have shared them (and the brochures) with a friend of mine, you may be hearing from her in the future. I must say that I really appreciated your messages regarding shipment. Such wonderful customer service is rare these days. I look forward to placing another order soon.

From Laura:

Thank you so much! My order was very nice! It was packaged great. Your products are better quality than I have bought elsewhere. I really was thrilled, and the little samples you sent me! That was beyond what I expected. I will buy from you next time.

Thanks again, Laura


About Our Healing Synergistic Blends

From Anet Skillen, Aromatherapist and Spa Owner:

I forgot to tell you, we mixed up your "muscle ease" the other day for Bill (he strained his back), and it worked wonders. Thanks

From Liz Wood, on a mailing list:

This is to ______ (and anyone else interested) who requested a blend for her car diffusor. I use a blend called fogcutter. It is absolutely wonderful. It will keep you awake, alert, without over stimulation. This has been a miraculous help to me. I got this blend from Marge Clark, at Nature's Gift. I gave some of this blend to a friends parents who are on the road almost continually for business purposes. They absolutely rave about it. Smells wonderful, much better than band equipment, or the tools my friends parents carry in their car. Trust me I have ridden in their car before!

From Nikki Crow (soapmaker extraordinaire!):

Hey Marge--

I've been using your sore muscle massage oil on my bruised backside and it is pretty wonderful stuff! I tried out your fogcutter synergy and you should have seen me buzzing around here! That is some good stuff. In fact, everybody was buzzing around that day. ;-) The Reunite is marvelous, just as you said. I can see why it is your favorite. It makes me smile. I really want to talk more with you about your wonderful blends, but I've got to get outside and fill the plant wells with water. We're getting a hard freeze tonight and I don't want to lose my orange and grapefruit trees! Nikki

From Suzan (about our Clarifying Synergy in glycerine soap):

hi-thank you for receipt of my order. i will send a check tomorrow. the soap that you sent is good! it has a drying effect right after you use it-----but with a moisterizer afterwards it is great! i think that brooke's face is doing much better. we are also using rose and neroli hydrosol from you. it seems to be working better that $60 facials every 3 weeks and very expensive face products.

From Harriet (about our Clarifying Synergy and Rosacea):

Dear Marge,

I'm writing to tell you how wonderful your acne soap is. To be truthful, I tried it with little hope. You see, I've suffered from "adult acne", otherwise known as Rosacea, for most of my adult life, and have tried everything. Teenage acne remedies dried out my adult skin, all the potions and prescriptions given me by dermatologists did relatively nothing. But alas, I tried your soap, and within days, I saw a visisble difference. No redness, no bumps, nothing. And then, I made the mistake of letting myself run out. Again, within days, there it was....back again. I'll never make that mistake again!!

I'm so delighted with the results of this product that I think you should rename it to "Miracle Soap".

Again, thanks for making this product available. I can't wait to try the rest of your line.

Harriet A. Levy
Brooklyn, NY

From Catherine:

My super uppity face is loving your Clarifying Soap!


From Carol:

Well, unfortunately, I have reason to comment on a partial 'after the bite' response to some kind of sting. The insect was a blur buzzing around me, & I ran away FAST, so could have been a bee or wasp or who knows? I say partial b/c I was in quite a hurry to put my own solution together to ease the pain & just grabbed what I could find easily! I also couldn't remember all the oils, & had to pull up this email, as typing in 'after the bite' didn't send me to the page it's on. Possibly a website design issue? So I blended 2 drops of blue cypress, 2 of cajeput & 1 of lavandin (super) into a small blob of shea butter in my hand. I could have used 1 drop of each, I'm sure, but was in quite the rush! I also added a drop of English cham as that was the first anti-inflammatory oil I ran across in my mad search to collect things! 

OK, it's now 2 hours since I applied the oils. I was on the phone when it happened, & texted right after I applied the oils, so I have the times down :) I was going to send this tomorrow, but the huge welt I had is totally GONE, & there is just a little redness & extra warmth in the area now. I've been very comfortable ever since I rubbed the oils onto the spot! Another score for our wonderful EOs, & also for the great combos you folks put together :) I'm sure the St John's wort would be better than the shea &/or cham, but in a pinch I was OK w/ my subs :) Thank you again for your wonderfully informative website, & of course, the superior products!

Also, feel free to quote me if you want-I'd prefer just my first name, but I don't suppose it's really a big deal.


Linda Nicholes and others, re our Stimulating Scalp Blend:

Most of you are aware of the study done in Edinburgh using essential oils to Alopecia. We have offered the formula used in the study for some time, on our skincare products page. A few months ago, we were written up in the Woman's Healthcare Newsletter...this, of course, brought a lot of orders for the Stimulating Scalp Blend. I've always asked for feedback from purchasers...and seldom received it. However, one client, a County Trustee in West Virginia has ordered and reordered...and recently ordered a bottle for her Daughter-in-Law...who was so impressed by the improvement in her M-I-L's condition that she wanted to try the oil herself. And Linda Nicholes just wrote, when reordering, " This stimulating oil seems to work so well, and I am anxious to receive it. " When I wrote asking Linda for permission to quote her, her response was (this just tickled me!) You bet. I would be honored if you quoted me. SOMETHING has changed, and I don't know what else to attribute it to. And you can use that quote too.

One of the neatest things about what we do here is that sometimes we get to make a difference in someone's quality of life. This seems to be one of those times!


About Our Hydrosols

From Nancy:

Howdy youngster!

I wanted to let you know that I received the hydrosols yesterday. Oh, yes!! Happy, happy, happy! :)

My fav's -- the neroli and the bulgarian rose knock my socks clean off and send me into Scent La-La Land. It's delightful! Rock rose is a *very* close third! Loverly, simply loverly!

From Gail:

Marge, you're completely welcome to use our experiences on your web page. Re: my 13 year-old's eczema — I mentioned that he gets eczema over about 1/3 of his torso and sometimes on his arms and legs as well. I will add (or at least be more specific) that the Roman Chamomile hydrosol makes the itching stop in less than a minute and the area looks less red.

She had mentioned on the phone, before writing, that the hydrosol, just misted on, really helps. I'd be tempted to use a compress, but try getting a 13-year-old to be still for 15 minutes!


About Our Diffusers (and Oils)

From John, a chemist:

I am really impressed with the EXTREMELY fine microdroplets that the nebulizer produces! We have nebulizers in the lab that do not perform as well, and they cost thousands of dollars! Now if one had an oil with medicinal value, and you wanted to get the oil into the lungs efficiently, well, this would be the way to go! The oils you sent me were absolutely first rate. The pink grapefruit was so aromatic! Yours is still the best ylang ylang I have come across yet. Is it a "complete" oil, or a 1st, 2nd or 3rd distillation? Whatever it is, I like it! The sandalwood was very masculine. I wear it like cologne, and I tried it when I had a sore throat. UGH! The taste is terrible. But guess, what? The sore throat dissapeared in a few hours. Next time I'll use 1/2 a drop. That's all you need. I'm kind of curious about your sweet basil oil. I was checking out your website last nite, and I'll be putting in an order soon. I want to order some of your hydrosols too. A lot of women around here like them especially. Some find the oils a bit too strong, but the hydrosols are great, because when they need a little refreshing lift, they just close their eyes and spray away. I saw a woman spray the entire contents of a 4 ounce bottle onto herself in an afternoon. She felt it was addicting. I have to agree!


About Our Customer Service

From Heidi:


Just a short note.... I absolutely love all of your oils you've sent me! I am extremely pleased with your french lavender. I'll probably be ordering it again in the fall. It is just lovely! Your heli.... and pink grapefruit are also quite nice! I will check out your lower prices for the oils!


(and on another occasion)

I am beyond PLEASED with your business. You are the ONLY one out of several sources that is PROMPT with orders. You are absolutely FANTASTIC. I placed an order for over 16 oils two months ago. I just received all of them last week. I just cannot do that anymore. I am just so happy with your prompt extremely efficient business. That is what I need. I needed one very particular oil, Nialouli and I got it right away. Thank you so so very much!!! I actually got it I think Tuesday or Wednesday. That is how quickly it came.

I have a *terrible* common cold (real bad head cold at this hour) and MQV is just perfect! Oh thank you so much Marge! You've made me so happy and Marc is happy! I was swearing out my other source oh man.... he just could not stand listening to me anymore! smile! Thank you!

From Carolyn:

BTW, I was just reading the customer feedback section of your Web site. I have to agree wholeheartedly with most of the comments. Your customer service and speediness is out of this world and *far* exceeds that of most suppliers in this field. (I'm learning I have to order materials for my business at least 2-3 weeks before I even *think* I need them to get them in time!) Your oil quality is great and I'm always so touched to see the fabulous samples you send. Even though your oils are mostly therapeutic, I'm starting to save several of them exclusively for my natural perfumes.

Thanks for everything. [Feel free to quote any part of this message and use my e-mail address. I'm a truly pleased customer!]



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