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About Marge

I’m a GRANDMOTHER! (I keep telling those kids I’m much too young to be a grandmother...shows how much THEY listen.) JT (currently 19), and Kaitlynn (aged 16 and a redhead), Joshua 9, and Chelsea, borne 03/03/06, Leif and Jack, cousins, born early in 2008, and tag along Roxi, born in August 2013, are the apples of my eye. They are delightful, bright and beautiful. Four of them live too far away for me to spend as much time as I wish with them.

I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, spent a decade as an army officers wife, settled in Massachusetts with a spouse and three children. A corporate move brought us to Nashville, Tennessee, in the late ’70’s. The spouse left a few years later but for reasons unknown, I stayed, The children are grown and gone. And somehow I’m still in Tennessee. A true puzzlement, since I miss the ocean so very much.

I used to live in a house filled with big kids, and big dogs. Today, I am owned by two small rescue dogs. My life today is mostly spent doing my favourite things. I’m grateful for the chance to share them with you.

I’m an active and grateful member of two 12 Step recovery programs. They have been the foundation of my spiritual path.

I’ve been fascinated by computers ever since the day in the early 80’s when my then husband and eldest son brought home our first one...a Commodore 64. That was my downfall, folks. I discovered there was a world outside my door. I discovered the magical world of BBS’s that predated the Worldwide web that you are reading this page on. For well over 10 years I was a sysop of not one, but two Fidonet Bulletin Board Systems, The Homestead (Nashville’s second oldest continually running BBS), and Promises...a Recovery BBS. Once again, this computer has for years been bringing gifts into my life that can’t be repaid. The friends I’ve made online have enriched my life in more ways than I can say.

In the early ’90’s I received some devastating personal news...I was told that I was totally disabled, and that I would never be able to work again. Since by then my marriage had been over for several years, and I needed to be “self-supporting through my own contributions”...well, it was a scary time. There were some gifts behind it, though. That was about the time that my Albert, the gentlest and most accepting person I’ve ever known, entered my life. And the time free from the demands of a 40 hour week allowed me to pursue my old fascination with aromatherapy, and to contemplate putting the few aromatherapy blends my friends had been buying online.

I learned to write HTML code... got a proper business license, and started studying in earnest. And so Nature’s Gift was borne. For several years, Nature’s Gift was an expensive hobby, “a hole the money went down.” Thank goodness for the credit cards that let me buy the oils I loved, and explore better quality and new aromatics, with absolutely no cash coming in. And for those early clients who trusted my nose and my instincts back before I could ever dream of having the oils I sourced tested. And for Rick, my first employee who took up the slack when I couldn’t handle both the administrative “stuff” and pack orders. (If nothing else reminded me that I was disabled, Rick’s presence always did. I couldn’t do it all, after all!) No one was more surprised than me (or perhaps Rick!) the first year that Nature’s Gift showed a net profit. It was small, way under $1,000, but it was there! See, it never was about making money; it was about being free to do what I love, and the small disability income gave me that freedom. And THAT is why I can honestly say that having my greatest fear come true contained the greatest gift of my life.

Over the years, the business grew (perhaps beyond my ability!) and we’ve added a talented staff who function so well in my absence that I’m really not needed much. We outgrew the space available in our home, and leased a small building (with a large warehouse!). The move even allowed us to open a small retail “factory store” for local clients or out of state visitors. The shop lasted for a couple of years, but since the online business continued to grow far beyond anyone’s ability to predict (or understand!) we chose to close the shop to turn that space into more packing and pouring space to keep up with the online business. When our lease expired we moved next door to a much larger building. Right now there is far more space than we’ll need...but that little house next door seemed huge when we first leased it.

Late in the summer of 2002, my old friend Rick, my father, and my life partner Albert left us. Two of these special men were taken by cancer...Rick in far too short a time, and my Albert after a long brave battle. My dad lived past his 100th birthday, so I suppose it may have been time for him to go on home. The response of all the clients that I’ve corresponded with for all these years...all the friends I’ve not met yet, was overwhelming and heartwarming. I had forgotten how many people out in the wide world really do care about our Nature’s Gift family. The loss of these three dear men confirmed something that I suspected before, but now I know:

Life is eternal
and Love is immortal
and Death is only a horizon
and a Horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.

I thank Carly Simon for sharing the lovely song these lines are taken from.

- - -

It’s hard to believe that most of the above paragraphs were written over a decade ago. The grands have grown, my children continue to grow and thrive, and, thanks to all of you, so has Nature’s Gift. There are some people who are truly blessed to be able to do what they love, and to make a difference in the lives of folks they contact. I’m one of those blessed people.


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