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Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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About Us

How We Got Here

Nature’s Gift evolved out of my love for the essential oils. I started out, in the mid 80’s, dabbling with fresh and dried herbs. Enjoyed that...but an apartment without even a very sunny window to grow my own, buying other people’s dried herbs did not seem the way to go.

Somewhere in the process of using herbs (perhaps for potpourri?) I bought some essential oils. I was, and still am, totally in awe of their healing, balancing power, first physically, but on a deeper level, emotionally. I read every book and article on the subject I could find (precious few in the 80’s and early 90’s), and started experimenting. Bless my friends and family for playing guinea pig during that stage! Friends started saying “I want to pay you for this. And then “you ought to sell this; people need to be able to buy it!” And so Nature’s Gift was borne. Since then, my “self-taught” status has been “corrected” by more formalized education, and through the generous spirits of many mentors.

At Nature’s Gift, we carefully select pure essential oils from the four corners of the world. Our goal is to provide the finest quality pure and natural essential oils available today. We do not shop by price, nor do we buy from “mass market” suppliers, but rather from small distillers who either grow their crop themselves, or personally know and observe the farmers whose oils they sell. Most of our oils are either organically grown, or ethically wildcrafted with concern for the worldwide environment and ecosystem. Our synergistic blends are carefully designed using our own pure essential oils, sometimes blended with other totally natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is ever added. I spend a tremendous amount of time and effort seeking out the best suppliers, to provide the highest possible quality ingredients for my blends. The oils you will find offered here offer very little in common with those you will find in your local health food shop. We have purity tests (GC/MS reports) on approximately 3/4’s of the oils we offer. Am I going to test every batch of oil from a distiller I’ve worked with for years? No...because I don’t want to have to pass that additional cost on to you. Do I test oils from new sources and suppliers? Almost always. We usually don’t test our absolutes, because I sincerely hope no one is using them for therapeutic reasons, or internally.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to meet some of you, at various conferences and conventions. And, of course, I’ve talked to a lot of you on the phone or via e-mail. If you are one of the people I’ve not been privileged to meet yet, and for some reason, you are curious about the person behind Nature’s Gift, just click here.


Who We Are

A woman-owned business, incorporated a few years ago when the growth of Nature’s Gift made incorporation financially necessary. (Inventory growth is taxed as income and one year the taxes were greater than my salary!)

I’m Marge. You can read more about me on the personal page link above. Jim Reding is our production manager, responsible for everything that has to do with getting your orders to you safely, accurately, and quickly. Jim started with us part time while he was in college, and has stayed on ever since (for which I am extremely grateful!). He is assisted by a competent staff, currently all female. In the office, Christi is my right arm. She will probably answer the phone if you call. (Hope that she does, she’s much nicer and more patient than I am!) She has probably prepared your packing slip / invoice, prepared the labels for your products, and, in general, kept things going smoothly. I research, select, and design our products, write our product descriptions, write our newsletter, try to keep up with incoming questions, and try to help you learn what these healing oils can do to improve your quality of life.


What We Do

Nature’s Gift is your source for the best in pure essential oils and aromatherapy accessories. Hand-selected essential oils, sourced internationally from single source crops and distillers who take pride in their craft. Our essential oil selection ranges from Ammi visnaga to Zdravetz and includes over 170 different oils and absolutes. Organically cultivated or ethically wild-crafted plants, artfully distilled to bring across the fullest range of aromatic molecules, never bulked, rectified or adulterated. Packaged in a range of sizes to fit your needs and your pocketbook. Whether you need exotic hydrosols, exquisite aromatics for perfumery or skincare, therapeutic oils for healthcare and physical or emotional balance, or just basic bottles and carrier oils for blending, you will find them all at Nature’s Gift.

We are sometimes asked “Whose oils to you carry?” The answer is “our oils.” We are our own “brand” we don’t offer the oils you will find under other labels. We select the finest we can find from producers around the world. Our therapeutic blends, massage oils, skincare products, etc. are our own creation.

We want you to have the information you need to choose wisely, so our online catalogue and our labels always provide full information on each oil: its horticultural method, country of origin, plant part distilled, extraction method, whether steam-distilled, solvent extracted, or CO2 extracted, as well as any relevant safety warnings.


2015: Celebrating 20 Years Online

I had been selling some of my creations to friends, and via email since perhaps 1990 or so. In 1993–1994 I was given the opportunity to spend a lot of time studying my two passions, the healing use of the oils, and this newfangled thing called “the World Wide Web.” I discovered websites, and had to learn how to create my own. One of the best ways to experiment was by transfering what I had learned about the oils. Suddenly I needed a name! After a day of brainstorming with a friend, Nature’s Gift was born. Our first site was a subpage on Mindspring/Earthlink (www.earthlink/margec/aromatherapy/) but those pages are (fortunately) lost forever. By early in 1995 there were products available. Our very first blend was Reunité, to help me deal with my own anxiety.

Shortly thereafter the orders, the study, the site design, everything got to be just a bit too much for me and I hired my first ever employee. Some of our old friends remember him. He brought a creativity and a lot of business experience and training that I totally lacked. What a gift he was to me. At his urging, at the end of 1997, I made the huge plunge to our first website. Saved (to my embarrassment!) on the Wayback Machine. Perhaps as a result of that I was asked to address the second annual Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild Conference, my first time ever to speak in public. The topic was “Essential Oil Safety.” In 2000 I was given an offer I could not refuse, would I take over and run the booth Gabriel Mojay had reserved. I had been to one aromatherapy trade show in my entire life, and had never planned on being a vendor. Again, my terror spurred our growth. I still thank Gabriel for helping me grow through my fear. The following year we incorporated. And hired more people. At one point we had (I think!) five employees working in this little three bedroom ranch house. Time to move! First, into “the little house” a charming ’30s building with pineboard ceilings. Some of you visited us there. We had a shop, briefly. Then we needed the space. During that period Dr. Jane Buckle approached us to supply the oils for her Foundations home study course, and whichever of her CCAP modules we chose. This was one of the most validating experiences of my career. Then I was approached by a publisher to write “Essential Oils and Aromatics.” WOW! That was exciting. The positive reaction to the little book was gratifying.

We grew. We are still growing. We outgrew the charming “little house” that we all loved and moved into larger quarters. Not nearly the charm, but enough room for everyone and every thing. In 2010 and 2011 Christi studied with Laraine Kyle Pounds at the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy, and received her Certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist. This year (2014) I decided I had to catch up with her and started the journey toward a CCAP through Dr. Jane Buckle and Associates, with Kathy Duffy as my instructor.

This decade’s valdiating event? At the 2013 AIA conference in St. Petersburg, Keynote Speaker Rhiannon Harris talked about the need to provide solid and appropriate safety measures...which should be set by the pillars of the global aromatherapy community. She listed eight of these pillars in the US Aromatherapy community. And there, in the middle of the list, was my name. I cried. Later in the conference, my friend and mentor Sylla Shepard-Hanger presented Vintage Aromatherapist awards to several of us, the group of “80’s ladies.” We wore them proudly throughout the conference.

As 2015 marks our 20th anniversary online, we reflect on our amazing journey, wondering what the future may hold with abundant gratitude and celebratory anticipation.



Some of the organizations we are members of:

Alliance of International Aromatherapists

Alliance of International Aromatherapists

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Truth in Labeling Pledge

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Aromatic Plant Project

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Indie Business Network

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