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Katafray   Katafray
Cedrelopsis grevei, wildcrafted from bark, Madagascar.
- Rheumatism
- Anti-inflammatory
- Soothes inflamed skin
- Intensifies effects of moisturizer for dry skin
- Useful in perfume blends
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Kunzea   Kunzea
Kunzea ambigua, Organically grown, without certification. Steam-distilled flowering branches, Tasmania. (Sometimes known as Tick Bush or Spring Flower Bush.) The original Du Cane Kunzea.
- Helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.
- Relief of the symptoms of influenza/flu.
- Relief of muscular aches and pains
- Temporary relief of rheumatic pain.
- Temporary relief of arthritic pain.
- Effective against staph, e-coli and candida
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Labdanum Absolute   Labdanum Absolute
Cistus ladanifer (Rock Rose), wild, solvent-extracted from resin from the leaves, Spain.
- Deeper and more resinous than steam distilled Cistus
- Key ingredient in amber blends, chypre and Oriental perfumes
- Spiritual or meditative oil
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Lavandin Abrial   Lavandin Abrial
Lavandula hybrid var. Abrialis, organically produced, steam-distilled blossoms, France.
- Effective mucolytic and expectorant
- Anti-bacterial
- Gentler than Spike Lavender
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Lavandin Grosso   Lavandin Grosso
Lavandula hybrid var. Grosso, organically produced, steam-distilled blossoms, France.
- Relaxation & stress relief
- Antiseptic
- Oil of choice for scabies & other skin diseases
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Lavandin Italian   Lavandin Italian
Lavandula x hybrid artisan grown organically in Northern Italy
- Relaxation
- Pain relief
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Lavandin Super   Lavandin Super
Lavandula hybrid var. Super, organically produced, steam-distilled flowering tops, France
- Soothing and relaxing
- Anti-spasmodic treating sore muscles & cramps
- Headaches and migraines
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Lavender Avice Hill   Lavender Avice Hill
Lavandula angustifolia, var Avice Hill Artisan grown and distilled in the US. Organically produced. learn more

Lavender CO2   Lavender CO2
Lavandula angustifolia, CO2 extract, organically grown and extracted in Bulgaria.
- extracted from FRESH Bulgarian blossoms
- Exquisite aroma
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  Lavender Headache Relief Roll-On
Our Lavender Avice Hill in a convenient roll-on for headache relief learn more

Lavender Species Sampler   Lavender Species Sampler
5 ml bottles of each of our varieties of Lavender and Lavandin. learn more

Lavender, Bulgarian   Lavender, Bulgarian
Lavandula angustifolia, organically produced, cloned, steam-distilled flowering tops, Bulgaria.
- Soothing, relaxation, wooing sleep
- Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
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Lavender, English   Lavender, English
Lavandula angustifolia, ethically farmed, steam-distilled flowering tops, Great Britain.
- Soft spicy note
- Anti-bacterial useful for acne or other problem skin
- Relaxing
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Lavender, High Altitude, Wild   Lavender, High Altitude, Wild
Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender vera), organically produced, wild-crafted, from population (Lavender vera, Lavender fine, Lavender Sauvage), France.
- Amazing energetics
- A must try for Lavender lovers
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Lavender, Mailette   Lavender, Mailette
Lavandula angustifolia, organically produced, steam-distilled cloned flowering tops, France.
- "Purple cloud"
- Skin care, useful for anti-acne and anti-rosacea
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Lavender, Population (Lavender Fine)   Lavender, Population (Lavender Fine)
Lavandula angustifolia, organically produced, steam-distilled flowering tops, France.
- Aromatically fresh and bright
- Energy of "grown from seed" organic plants
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Lavender, Spike, Spanish   Lavender, Spike, Spanish
Lavandula latifolia, ethically farmed, steam-distilled flowering tops, Spain.
- Anti-bacterial
- Effective for respiratory infections.
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Ledum (Greenland Moss)   Ledum (Greenland Moss)
Ledum groenlandicum (Greenland Moss or Labrador Tea), eco-certified organically produced, wild, steam-distilled, Canada.
- Stimulates Immune System
- Liver and kidney detox
- Useful for insomnia
- Helpful for nausea & vomiting
- Calming & reassuring, helping release trapped emotions
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Lemon   Lemon
Citrus limon, organically produced, cold-pressed rind, Italy. From Marco Valussi, in our Italian Collection
- Strong germicide and astringent
- Stimulates immune system & circulation
- Anti-cellulite
- Wonderful air disinfectant and freshener
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Lemon Myrtle   Lemon Myrtle
Backhousia citriodora, organically produced but not certified, steam-distilled leaves, Australia.
- Potent anti-bacterial and germicide (more effective germ killer than Tea Tree)
- Diffuse regularly to reduce coughs, cold and sinus issues
- Useful for oily skin & acne
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Lemon Tea Tree   Lemon Tea Tree
Leptospermun petersonii, organically produced but not certified, steam-distilled leaves, Australia.
- Powerful insect repellant
- Useful dog wash additive
- Emotionally useful for anxiety, stress, depression & easing nervous tension
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Lemongrass   Lemongrass
Cymbopogon flexuosus, ethically farmed, steam-distilled grass, Guatemala. Delightful, sparkling-clean scented. learn more

Lilac CO2, 10% Dilution   Lilac CO2, 10% Dilution
Lilac CO2, Syringa Vulgaris, CO2 Total, 10% dilution in Organic Jojoba Oil. Organically produced from wild Lilacs in Bulgaria.
- Relaxing, soothing and harmonizing
- Promotes love and optimism
- Helpful in grief blends
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Lime   Lime
Citrus aurantifolia, grown chemical free and steam-distilled from the rind inThailand,
- not phototoxic (steam-distilled)
- wonderful for skin care
- lighter and sweeter than Lemon
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Lime Rind, Kaffir   Lime Rind, Kaffir
Kaffir Lime, (Combava) or Makrut Lime, Citrus hystrix, grown organically, steam-distilled rind, Thailand.
- Anti-acne
- Effective pain relief
- Mood elevating
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