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Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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Fir, Balsam   Fir, Balsam
Abies balsamea canadensis, organically produced, steam-distilled needles, Canada.
* Respiratory oil safe for babies & children
* Emotionally grounding and calming
* Warming in rubs for arthritis, rheumatism & joint pain
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Fir, Douglas   Fir, Douglas
Pseudosuga menzesii wildcrafted in the American Southwest by an Artisan distiller. Private Reserve. Samples available only on the dropdown menu, with other sizes.
• Powerful respiratory oil
• Mental stimulant
• Support for personal transformation
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Fir, Siberian   Fir, Siberian
Abies sibirica, wild harvested in Russia (not organic). (Commercially called Siberian Pine, but it is a true fir.)
• Very relaxing
• Useful for children with congestion
• Warm and comforting
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Fir, Siberian, CO2   Fir, Siberian, CO2
Abies sibirica, CO2 extracted from wildharvested needles, Russia.
• Soft and gentle
• Strong Antioxidant
• Antibacterial
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Hemlock Spruce   Hemlock Spruce
Tsuga canadensis organically produced and wildcrafted, steam-distilled needles, Canada. Also called Eastern Hemlock, or Hemlock Pine
• Pain relief for muscular aches and pains
• Supports adrenals and the immune system
• Useful for anxiety and stress
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Pine, Dwarf (Mugo Pine)   Pine, Dwarf (Mugo Pine)
Pinus Mugo Turra , wildharvested, steam-distilled from needles, Italy (Sometimes called Dwarf Pine.)
- Different from other pine oils in aroma
- Mental focus but relaxing and distressing
- Used as an expectorant
- Inhaled for ailments of respiratory organs (inc. pleurisy and tuberculosis
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Pine, Scotch   Pine, Scotch
Pinus sylvestris, organically produced, wild-harvested, steam-distilled needles, France.
- Anti-septic, anti-fungal and detoxifying
- Can restore energy and balance specific for nervous exhaustion
- For coughs, congestion, expectorant
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Piñon Pine   Piñon Pine
Pinus edulis, ethically wildcrafted, steam distilled needles and twigs, USA.
- Artisan distilled
- Amazing aroma and energetics
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Pinon Pine Resin   Pinon Pine Resin
Pinus edulus resin and branches
  • A Nature's Gift exclusive
  • Hyrodistilled by the artisans who produce our Pinon Pine Hydrosol.
  • Deeply resinous in aroma
  • Helpful for respiratory issues
  • Might be useful for joint pain
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Spruce, Black   Spruce, Black
Picea mariana, organically produced and wildcrafted, steam-distilled needles, Canada.
- clear and crisp, freeing and uplifting
- grounding yet stimulating
- muscle aches, pains, aching joints
- poor circulation, muscle spasms
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Spruce, Norway   Spruce, Norway
Picea abies organically produced and wildcrafted, artisan distilled needles, Italian. (formerly Picea excelsa, I like that)
- powerful, sweet, fir--resinous with some woodiness
- expectorant, moderate antibacterial for the bronchial and respiratory mucosa
- anti-fungal, deodorant
- pain relief for arthritis and rheumatic joints
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