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Cinnamon Leaf   Cinnamon Leaf
Cinnamomum zeylanicum, organically produced, steam-distilled leaves, Madagascar
•Highest in Eugenol, also found in Clove Oil
•Antibacterial, antifungal
•Respiratory and circulatory stimulant via inhalation
•May use highly diluted in tooth/gum care blends
•Avoid use pregnancy and breastfeeding
•Skin sensitizer and irritant
•May inhibit blood clotting
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Cistus, Traditional   Cistus, Traditional
Cistus ladanifer, wildcrafted, steam-distilled by the traditional “open fire” method, Spain. The most aromatically intense Cistus I’ve experienced in over a decade. Distilled from the resinous leaves
•Deep, resinous, rich, warm, spicy
•Lymph massage, Swollen glands
•Chronic Skin conditions, psoriasis
•Meditation, Centering, Prayer
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Clary Sage, France   Clary Sage, France
Salvia sclarea, organically produced, steam-distilled flowering tops, France
•Avoid if pregnant or nursing
•The “go to” oil for women of all ages
•Helpful for PMS, painful periods, and menopause symptoms
•High in esters, linalyl acetate
•Antispasmodic, Chest rub component
•Lucid dreams, avoid use when drinking alcohol
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Clove Bud   Clove Bud
Eugenia caryophyllata, organically produced, steam-distilled flower buds, Madagascar
•Avoid use if on anticoagulant therapy (blood thinners)
•Mucous membrane and strong skin irritant
•Use with caution and respect
•Antiseptic, diffuse in sick room with other oils
•Stimulant, said to be helpful for fatigue
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Clove Bud CO2   Clove Bud CO2
Syzygium aromaticum, organically grown dried buds, CO2 Select, extracted in Germany
•Avoid use if on anticoagulant therapy (blood thinners)
•Avoid use during pregnancy or lactation. Do not use on children.
•Mucous membrane and strong skin irritant
•Use with caution and respect
•Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Antioxidant
•Diffuse in sick room with other oils
•Stimulant, said to be helpful for fatigue
•Anti-inflammatory with beta carophyllene. Use at very low dilution.
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Cocoa CO2 Extract   Cocoa CO2 Extract
Solvent-free, food-grade extraction of Theobroma cacao (cocoa butter cold-pressed from cocoa beans). Rich dark chocolate aroma
•Semi-solid at room temperature
•Similar texture to Shea Butter
•Must warm to use (liquefy)
•Rich, dark chocolate aroma
•Use as a base for lip balm, body scrub, hand cream
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Coconut CO2   Coconut CO2
Cocos nucifera, extracted from organically produced cold-pressed coconut oil, Germany
•Organically Produced, Cold-Pressed
•Semi-solid room temperature, liquifies at body temperature
•Delightful aroma of summertime, coconuts!
•Perfect to blend with lotion, lip balm, just about anything.
•Mainly Saturated Fatty Acids and Delta Lactones
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Coffee CO2   Coffee CO2
Coffea arabica, organically grown, and roasted in Italy, CO2 extracted in Germany
•Organically Grown and Roasted in Italy
•Rich, robust gourmet coffee aroma
•CO2 Extracted in Germany
•Use your imagination, many uses in blends, diffusing
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Cognac   Cognac
Vitis vinifera, France
•Essential oil of Cognac
•Steam distilled from lees
•Intensely green, fresh, herbaceous aroma
•Somewhat harsh fruity undertone
•Therapeutic use undetermined
•Useful “Gourmand” blends addition in tiny amounts
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Copaiba Balsam   Copaiba Balsam
Copaifera officinalis, steam-distilled from resin, Brazil
•Resinous, Steam Distilled from Raw Resin
•Warm, welcoming aroma reminiscent of Vanilla
•Add to respiratory or inflammatory blends
•Avoid use on broken skin, can cause sensitization
•Non-toxic and non-irritating at normal dilutions
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Coriander CO2   Coriander CO2
Coriandrum sativum, ethically cultivated, seeds grown and harvested in Ukraine, CO2 Select extracted in Germany
•Sweet, warming, and softly spicy
•S. Battaglia recommends for treating arthritis, gout, muscular aches
•Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial
•Helpful for digestive blends, flatulence, cramps
•Carminative, appetite stimulant
•Blends well with Sweet Orange, Mandarine, and other Citrus oils
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Corn Mint   Corn Mint
Mentha arvensis, steam-distilled ethically farmed leaves, fair trade from the mountains of Nepal
•Not for topical use
•Not for use age 6 and under
•Our “MINTIEST” Mint ever!
•Chilly and very high in menthol
•For cool pain relief or easing sinus congestion
•Use for brief periods
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Cumin Seed Total CO2   Cumin Seed Total CO2
Cuminum cyminum, ethically cultivated, CO2 total, extracted from seeds in Germany
•Warning, photosensitizer
•Avoid use with infants and children
•A full bodied heart note for perfumery or blending
•Some find it an aphrodisiac
•CO2 Extract contains both Cumin Essential oil and Fixed Oil
•High in Oleic and linoleic acids; blend with fixed oils for massage
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Cumin, Black, CO2   Cumin, Black, CO2
Nigella sativa, seeds organically grown in India, CO2 Total extracted in Germany. Contains both the very rare essential oil and the more readily available fixed oil.
• Thymoquinone
• Anti-oxidant
• RadioProtective - protects against damage from Radioactivity
• Contains 2.5% Essential Oil
• May be anti-allergin
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Cypress   Cypress
Cupressus sempervirens, organically produced, steam-distilled young tips, France.
• Astringent
• Circulatory Stimulant
• Compress for hemorrhoids
• Hormonal effects
• Grief - blend with Rose or Jasmine
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Cypress, Blue   Cypress, Blue
Callitris intratropica, plantation grown without chemicals, distilled from wood and bark, Australia.
• Pain relief from insect stings
• Wound healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
• Grounding, calming, reassuring
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Petitgrain, Clementine   Petitgrain, Clementine
Citrus reticulata (Citrus clementine), organically produced, steam distilled leaves, France.
- Emotionally encouraging, but not stimulating
- Calms anxiety and panic
- Non-phototoxic
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Sage Dalmation CO2 Select   Sage Dalmation CO2 Select
Salvia officinalis CO2 Select, ethically cultivated, Sage leaves, Germany.
- useful for inflammation oily skin
- memory and mood enhancement
- may improve cognition and recall
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