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A Week of Bliss   A Week of Bliss
Seven blissful baths, packaged with a lavender-scented sleep mask for the ultimate in relaxation. learn more

African Pearl Salt   African Pearl Salt
Mixed sizes of perfect tiny salt balls. learn more

Bliss Bath, Unscented   Bliss Bath, Unscented
For the allergy prone—or to concoct your own favorite! learn more

Clarifying Soap   Clarifying Soap
Our Clarifying Synergy in a base of gentle liquid castile soap. learn more

Cleopatra’s Secret Bliss Bath   Cleopatra’s Secret Bliss Bath
Powdered bath oil to nourish body and spirit, richly fraganced with our Cleopatra’s Secret Synergy. learn more

Cleopatra’s Secret Shower Gel   Cleopatra’s Secret Shower Gel
Our gentle, moisturizing organic shower gel, enriched with Frankincense, Myrrh, Sweet Myrrh and true Rose Otto. 4 fl ounce Malibu container. learn more

Dead Sea Salt   Dead Sea Salt
Fine-grained. learn more

Himalayan Crystal Salt   Himalayan Crystal Salt
Mineral rich, from the heart of the Himalayas. learn more

Jasmine Bliss Bath   Jasmine Bliss Bath
Our beloved Bliss Bath, richly scented with Jasmine Grandiflora. learn more

Lavender Bliss Bath   Lavender Bliss Bath
Our most skin-soothing and relaxing bliss bath. learn more

Liquid Castile Soap   Liquid Castile Soap
Crafted from organically produced saponified olive, palm, and coconut oils, with organically produced Aloe Vera juice for its skin care benefits. learn more

MERCY Soap or Treatment Gel   MERCY Soap or Treatment Gel
Laboratory tested and proven effective against MRSA. Now in a travel-size roll-on bottle for direct application (PLEASE do not share, for obvious reasons). learn more

Rose Bliss Bath   Rose Bliss Bath
Powdered bath oil, rich with Jojoba Oil and true Rose Otto to pamper and nourish body, skin, and spirit in a 16 ounce Bail Jar. learn more

Rose Bliss Bath Refill   Rose Bliss Bath Refill
Ready to to use, or repackage in a bail jar or your prettiest container. learn more

Shower Gel, Unscented   Shower Gel, Unscented
Our rich, creamy shower gel in a 4 ounce PET plastic bottle with a lotion pump top. learn more

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