Hello June, how did you get here so fast?

June sales

Save 10% on retail sizes of all of our favorite wood oils, Australian BuddhaWood CO2, Atlas Cedarwood, Himalayan Cedarwood, Guaiacwood, from Paraguay, Chinese Ho Wood (even our Private Reserve Alligator Juniper!) and all our Sandalwood oils.

Also, for summer fun, outdoor specials: all forms of SkeeterBeater, Sunburn Soother, Trauma Oil, for the inevitable bumps and bruises, MuscleEase for over stressed muscles, After the Bite (because you forgot the SkeeterBeater), and even our already discounted Vacation Saver Kit.

New and not to be missed

The long awaited Third Edition, Volume One of Salvatore Battaglia’s Complete Guide To Aromatherapy.

Does this replace the Second Edition ? No, It does not cover the full scope of the Second Edition. What is DOES cover is an overview “Foundation” of how aromatherapy is practiced, both historically, and at the present time, and the largest, most complete Materia Medica of any book in my collection I announced its arrival on Facebook and one quarter of our initial shipment sold in 24 hours. We will be ordering more, but order quickly to avoid a wait.

New and long awaited back in stock products

We have never had such a long list of new products. Enjoy!

Amazing new oils imported from an artisan distiller in Italy. So many of you say you want the very best, artisan distilled, ethically harvested or organic. We have put our money where your mouth is with this beautiful collection of new oils. See our Italian Helichrysum (soulstirring), also available in a 10% dilution in organic Jojoba, a beautiful Italian Lavandin, Sicilian Oregano vulgare, an amazing light translucent blue and sweetly scented Yarrow, a true rarity, Cypress FRUIT oil, (sometimes called Templin), Totally new to us Dwarf Pine (Mugo Pine), and longlasting Norway Spruce. All of these beauties belong in our Special Reserve collection, but so far we have only added the amazing Yarrow. Just enter “Italian collection” in our search box to bring up the whole collection. Please note, some of these are only available in very small amounts, some we can make available in bulk sizes. Let us know if larger sizes would meet your needs.

Two new to us Patchouli oils that Christi said I had to buy. Cindi, the book keeper said “why?” and Christi said “they are beautiful!” so of course we had to add both these beauties.

Patchouli Dark, from Sumatra, amber in color, deep and dark in aroma, and Patchouli Organic, from Indonesia, the first Patchouli we have loved that came with Organic Certification. (As always, we are not certified resellers. If you need an unbroken chain of Organic certification we can not be your supplier. That’s the way the certification process works. But the oil was USDA certified organic when we unpacked it, and we certainly have done nothing to alter it.)

A versatile new Carrier oil.. Robert Tisserand says it’s his favorite. See why.

Back in stock after being gone for five years: Organic Balsam Poplar from Canada. We also restocked our traditional deep cobalt Canadian Yarrow oil.

Back in stock, more of our beautiful Myrrh from Somalia. and, from my French mentor, more Mastic oil (Pistacia lentiscus)…lovely gentle astringent. (We refilled some of his other oils, but they were not yet out of stock.)

New Hydrosols, all organic from France: Linden, Cypress, Sage, and St. Johns Wort. Back in stock Hydrosols: Organically produced Carrot Seed and White Sage.

Back in stock floral waxes!

REFORMULATED: Fresh Aire synergy and Reunité We sold off the old, and reformulated the new. It took a lot of tweaking and a lot of testing. We are delighted to make them available to you.

News on the Fragonia™ front…John expects a harvest at the end of this year. Because we have been so frugal with our supply we are now able to offer this rare and precious oil in small bulk sizes. Thank you for being so cautious with your use of it.

Blog Update

Facebook Snippets

We announced our participation in the June AromaBox from AromaGirls, LLC. (And we recommended this curated collection very highly.)

We shared a link from The Tisserand Institute giving a simple explanation of how CO2 extracts are produced.

A blog article about our Rhododendron Oil from Nepal, by the NY Institute of Aromatic Studies.

Lots of announcements of new products. Photos and product descriptions get announced on our Facebook page as we explore them. Following us on Facebook gives you first shot at new goodies.

A cross post from a Quora question I answered: What essential oils are good for anxiety ?

And lots of chatter about the new Battaglia book. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Third Edition, Volume one.

Our Clients Say

Sandy Barrett writes about our SoftHands Liquid Soap:

“Good Morning, Everyone! I know I’m not around much anymore, but had to share my new discovery. Early on in this journey, a good friend here made soap, and I started off buying hers. She then coaxed me until I was making my own. Then the grandkids started coming, and as the saying goes, “ain’t nobody got time for that!!”
Long story short, it’s been a rough winter on my hands, w/copious amts of hand washing and sanitizing. No amt of moisturizer was helping them recover from that assault.
A few days ago I was looking through NG’s site and noticed Softhands Liquid Soap and ordered a 16 oz bottle. It’s going to take awhile before these hands no longer look like old fishwives’ hands, but I had to share the instant relief from achey, dry, cracked skin. It feels wonderful!
My sense of smell is not quite up to snuff, as I recover from a MILD case of pneumonia. Normally I am not fond of the lingering odor of Castille soap, so was pleased to see it wasn’t an ingredient. My nose doesn’t register ANY odor from this, and Marge provides directions on adding your own favorite scent to it. So that’s my tip, if you’re like me and haven’t time to make your own, give NG’s liquid soap a try! Have a Wonderful Day!”

Steve Huanq wrote about Neroli and Petitgrain, “Thanks for always being a great source of quality oils. I am looking forwards to trying the Bitter Orange oil! Your Petitgrain is also wonderful for background work diffusing when I don’t want to dip into the Neroli ;). I save a few drops of ‘liquid gold’ because Neroli literally shimmers in the air to me and can turn around any dark mood.” I love this. Neroli is truly such a unisex floral.

Sheryl Karas, of MamaLoveOrganics wrote of our German Angelica Root, “You were right, Marge. This Angelica is awesome! Perfect for what I use it for and quite similar to one I used a long time ago. I know it IS expensive but I only use a drop or two at a time in my products. I JUST redid the math for my formulas and I had just barely enough leeway in the pricing to make it okay because I got a cheaper price on my bottles recently. So it’s okay, and it’s worth it! I use Angelica in my two MOST popular flower essence aromatherapy formulas: ‘Support for Troubled Times’ and ‘Releasing Worry and Fear’“. See her creations on her Mama Love Organics shop on Etsy is probably best: www.etsy.com/shop/mamaloveorganics

Joann from New Jersey wrote, “Also, want to tell you I found a new use for That’s Better when I recently had a sore throat. Applied some to the outside of my throat bye, bye sore throat. Blessings to all. Joan ”

I love the recommendations for new uses of our products! Thank you all for sharing.

Blends For Him: (from a 10 year old newsletter)

Years ago there was a woman named Cat on some of the soap and/or toiletries lists. I’ve not seen smiling typeface around in a long long time. Back around the turn of this century I snagged some of her formulas… If I had her email address I’d ask for permission to share them…since I don’t…I’ll apologize later!

Please remember… all of these will need diluting before using on the skin!

Vanilla Sandalwood
3 parts vanilla absolute
2 parts sandalwood e.o.
1 part patchouli e.o.
(if desired, add a touch of jamine or rose abs.)

Bay Rum
5 parts West Indies Bay (pimenta racemosa) e.o.
1 part orange e.o.
1 part clove or allspice e.o.

Dark Moon
2 parts myrrh e.o.
1 part sandalwood e.o.
1/2 part patchouli e.o.
touch jasmine abs.

4 drops West Indies Bay
2 drops Orange Oil
1 drop Dark Patchouli.

Forest Blend
3 parts fir needle e.o.
2 parts cedarwood e.o.
1 part juniper berry
1/2 part cypress e.o.
1/2 part patchouli e.o.

“Aromatic (or not) quotes of the month”

I’m thinking of one dear friend who will be reading this, who lost someone dear not long ago. I know she misses him a lot. And remembered a quote that helped me during a time of loss… Carly Simon:

“Life is eternal
and Love is immortal
and Death is only a horizon
and a Horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”

In honor of our Patchouli and Sandalwood… the Eastern oils…

“A puff of wind, a puff faint and tepid and laden with strange odours of blossoms, of aromatic wood, comes out of the still night. The first sigh of the East on my face. That I can never forget. It was impalpable and enslaving, like a charm, like a whispered promise of mysterious delight…. The mysterious East faced me, perfumed like a flower, silent like death, dark like a grave.”

Joseph Conrad

And a third quote… one that is the “quote of the month” on a calender we were given… that seems to fit who and where we are today:

“Dedication: It is the effort of many that creates the ripples that can move mountains.” I wish I could send you the picture that accompanies this quote…a deep forest ravine, with a plunging waterfall. Ultimate serenity.

We all wish you a serene June!

We are so tired of winter. We are welcoming springtime with all the green leafy scents that say “SPRING” to us.. not the lush florals… but the first hints of green after Winter’s barrenness.

Save 10% on retail sizes of the following Harbingers of Spring

Rhododendron, Violet Leaf, vivid Ironbark Eucalyptus, Lemon tea tree, and Lemon eucalyptus, Coriander (the sunshine spice!), Bergamot Mint, Balm Mint Bush, Beeswax Absolute, Galbanum, the “rites of spring” oil, Rosalina, light and delicate.

And for Spring Cleaning: Tea tree, Manuka, Geranium, Palma Rosa (did you know those last two were powerful germfighters? We tend to overlook them.)

Skincare Sale

For winter weary skin, we are putting ALL of our skincare products on sale. 10% off retail.

Make your own moisturizers? Save 10% on all of our individual carrier oils, infused oils, and butters.

(When the seasons change from Winter’s dry cold to Summer’s hot mugginess I like to switch to lighter oils for moisturizing and cleansing. Perhaps you do to? This is your time to stock up.)

Book Sale

My mentor Madeleine Kerkhof is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her company, and her 10th anniversary of providing AromaCare products this year. In her honor, we are discounting her landmark book, Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care. Save 10% from March 1 – 20, while current supplies last. (Yes, the shipfree discount code will apply!)

New Fixed/Carrier Oils

Moringa, Meadowfoam

New Essential Oils

Eastern Hemlock, from Canada, and Ajowan CO2 from Germany

Back in Stock

We’ve restocked goodies from our supplier in India: more White Ginger Lily, more Blue Lotus Absolute, and finally a good Holy Basil, Apricot Oil infused with Golden Champa (lovely floral body oil!) now available in a 16 oz bulk refill. And, from a USA distiller, specially distilled for Nature’s Gift, a new batch of Patchouli Hydrosol.

Blog Updates

Facebook Updates

These are just a handful of the tidbits that are shared with our Facebook followers every month. And, of course, they are the first to see announcements of new and back in stock oils. Remember last year, for awhile, we did a “Mondays With Marge” series, where folks posted questions and we would answer them on Monday evening? We are planning a weekly or biweekly Facebook live where folks can ask questions, and I’ll try to answer them. Stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook.

Our Clients Say

Black Sacra

Hello Marge, I needed to tell you that I received my new Black Sacra Frankincense today and OH MY….time stopped still and when I came back, I found myself not just holding the bottle but cradling it!! Such a precious oil. It deserves to be held so lovingly.

Thank you for making it available to us again. Next purchase…the new Black Sacra hydrosol I see you have now. I will be ready for it!

With much gratitude, Chrystyna

German Angelica Root

Sophia Rose writes, The Angelica Oil is divine. I have only just smelled it so I can give you my first impression. My feeling with this Angelica Root oil is that I experience it as one that connects me deep and securely into the depth of the earth but also up to the Angelic Realm. My experience of Angelica up until this one is it connecting me into the earth but this is the first oil that I feel also connects me to the Angelic Realm. This is how I just experienced this oil. I know it is said to be the oil that connects to the Angels and this oil has done that for me, I experienced this very clearly energetically. So I am over the moon delighted to have this very special treasure.

She went on to write about other oils in our Private Reserve collection, and, I am completely and totally intoxicated and in love with the Bitter Orange Oil. Wowzer, how gorgeous is this oil!!!!!!!!!! I love all the oils, the Pine/Pine Cone is beautiful, the Black Spruce is a delight, all the oils are gorgeous.

Happy Dreams

We are seeing positive reviews on Facebook…people whose little ones (toddlers, typically) unable to sleep through the night. Diffuse Happy Dreams for a few minutes before bedtime and voila, a good night’s sleep for Mommy and child. I love that this is helping people!

Quote of the Month

Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms without the aid of the seasons.
Kahil Gibran

May you have a refreshing and renewing Spring Equinox and may your March become a Lamb, not a Lion!

Nature’s Gift October Newsletter

New and Back in Stock

TWO new rose absolutes for your sensory enjoyment, a deep and mysterious

Bulgarian Rosa damascena Absolute,
available pure and undiluted, or
in a 10% dilution in organic Jojoba, and a bright and sunny
Rose Maroc
, Rosa centifolia absolute grown and produced in Morocco.
(Rose Maroc was my first true rose decades ago and I have always loved
it. For the past few years we have had difficulty sourcing it, so
I have been delighted to find and make it available to you.)

These new roses have allowed us to really expand our Bouquet of Roses sampler. While the very limited supplies last, the sampler contains all
our new roses, but also contains the last few remaining bottles of our
Turkish Rose Otto and Absolute, as well as the irreplaceable Rose de
Mai (all oils are 10% dilutions). Supplies of the “full” sampler are very limited, so if you
want them all, order now.

A Nature’s Gift EXCLUSIVE… the rare Rosemary ch A-pinene.
I’ve been seeking this rare treasure for years, ever since Robert
Tisserand mentioned it in his skincare course. Organically grown
and distilled by a true artisan distiller, you may read the story of
this rare treasure’s journey, from plants in the ground at Stone Rise
Farm to bottles ready to ship to you in our blog. Supplies are extremely limited;
if you wish to order, now is the time

Corsican Helichrysum
: the two oils we wrote of in last month’s
newsletter have arrived and are available online. For the first time in
three years we will be able to offer Corsican Helichrysum in bulk, and in wholesale, not
having to limit this healing oil to 5 mls per client. We are rejoicing!

Lemongrass: We have sold out of our special High Myrcene Lemongrass
oil, and it will be next spring before more is available. We have
replaced it with a sparkling
Haitian Cymbopogen citratus
. I’m sure it will meet
your aromatic standards.

New, from our Australian producer,
Fragonia™ Hydrosol.

CO2 extractions of some of the most fragile fixed oils,

Borage Seed

Evening Primrose
, and a wonderfully aromatic Clove Bud CO2 extraction, as well as a powerfully relaxing and anti-spasmodic
Sweet Marjoram CO2 extract

Another Nature’s Gift Exclusive: We have a few remaining copies of Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes,
Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care
. In my opinion, this is
the most important aromatherapy book published in the last five years,
perhaps the last 10. I took a stack to the AIA conference and
they practically flew off the table. Every serious student of
aromatherapy needs this book. I bought my first copy because of my
interest in hospice work, but the book offers much more than end of life
care. We are accepting preorders for those studying with us in
Atlanta. Any left after we return from Atlanta will be available via our
website. Yes, you can buy it at Amazon occasionally (it is not
always available there), but our price is lower, and we ship from
Tennessee, rather than from the Netherlands.

We have restocked a long list of oils… Ho Wood, Cistus (Rock Rose),
Scotch Pine, a tiny bit of Juniper Berry, Balsam Fir. (The Balsam Fir is so very freshly distilled, a still note is definitely detectable.
It will improve immensely over the course of the next two or three
months.) Finally more Petitgrain Bigarde, more Madagascar Clove
, astringent Cypress, anti-aging Carrot Seed. A new
Rosemary Cineole from Morocco, since our Tunisian supply is not reliable due to political unrest, and a new lot of Litsea cubeba. We are
keeping the FedEx people in business!


For October, save 10% on our retail-sized Australian oils, to celebrate the visit
of my friend and mentor Mark Webb, who will be teaching a course in
Aromatic Medicine in Atlanta, in October, and again next spring. On sale: Aniseed Myrtle, Blue Cypress, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemon Ironbark Eucalyptus, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Fragonia™, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea Tree, Niaouli, Rosalina, Australian Sandalwood, and Tea Tree.

20% on the 20th. Yes, we will be having a birthday
celebration sale on the 20th again this month, but we have not yet
decided which products will be included. Watch for an emailed
update around the 17th or 18th.

Halloween Sale

On October 30th and 31st. There will be two sales, two
promotional codes. You may only use one code though, so you will
have to choose. (Yes, you may place two orders, but you will be
charged shipping on both orders, so the savings won’t be worth paying
double shipping.)

Since Hallowe’en is trick or treat day, we will have a trick or treat

Enter the Promotional Code TRICK, press apply, and save from 8 to 12%
on all our retail sized products, even the kits which we normally do not
discount. The only exclusions will be bulk products and our rare
and special books. Yes, the % of the discount will vary throughout the
day. No, we can’t tell you when it will be higher or lower.
The amount shown on your invoice will be the amout of your discount.

OR… enter the promotional code TREAT, press apply, and save from 10
to 15% on all retail sized essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts.
You choose, trick or treat.

Blog Updates

Thanks to my friend and fellow student Sandy Barrett, we have had a
series of blogs about some of the lesser known Australian oils.

The last weekend in August she wrote of

Kunzea ambigua,
my new favorite pain reliever.

In September she has already published articles about

, Christi’s favorite, and my favorite

Ironbark Eucalyptus
I interrupted her series to blog about preparations to go as a vendor to
AIA conference in Denver
. (First time in 12 or 15 years since
Nature’s Gift was represented at a conference, so it was a big deal.)
Sandy’s series continued with

Aniseed Myrtle

, our newest “child safe” essential oil,

(a preparation for our very special Australian Rosemary,
mentioned above), and the newest Sandalwood in our collection,

West Australian Sandalwood
, Santalum spicatum. Next in the series is our

Blue Cypress (also known as Cypress Pine).

I interrupted her series with a collaborative effort, a story of the
very special Rosemary oil introduced above. Chris Burder, the
farmer-distiller at Stone Rise Farms has been gracious enough to share
the journey of this rosemary, from young plants in his farm’s field to
the finished product, In The Journey of an Oil. More blog articles on more
Australian Oils are saved and ready to post between now and October 9th,
when we leave for Atlanta for the first part of our studies.


While at the AIA
in Denver I had the joy of watching my friend and mentor
Dr. Jane Buckle receive AIA’s lifetime achievement award. Never
has an award more well deserved.

Research Report

For those who took part in my research project (no, I haven’t compiled the results yet!) and wanted to know “the secret formula.” If you were given sample B, the blue mixture, you received the trial blend. Sample A, the brown mixture, was the placebo. Now, the results for the trial blend were all over the map. One participant wrote “I hope this was the placebo because nothing changed.” Other participants found amazing pain relief. For those who want to know, and perhaps follow through on their own, the formula was: 2 parts Helichrysum Italicum from Corsica (we used our DON variety), 2 parts German Chamomile steam distilled, and one part Ginger Root, also steam distilled. These were blended, and used at a 5% dilution in a “neutral” carrier oil. (We were not allowed to use a carrier with known benefits, since we were strictly testing the results of the oils.) Given my druthers, I would have used St. John’s Wort infused oil as the carrier.

Our Clients Share


Anyone who struggles with eczema knows what a frustration it can be. Just this evening I received the following “success story” from Kim H. in Washington:

Eczema is so tricky and individual! But right now we’re having some real movement forward with two of our eczema children using an oil blend right after a bath and before “greasing.” My fourteen year old daughter has seen healing in her feet that she hasn’t experienced in many years. Here is the blend I’m using: two teaspoons Grapeseed Oil (for the high ceramide content), one full dropper Chia (I measured this out at first, but one dropper is just about right), one full dropper Pomegranate, and three drops Sea Buckthorn. My plan is to eventually have a second oil blend so I can switch between the two, but this is doing so well for them! For my occlusive, I have made a “grease” that is basically the spoon oil recipe I’ve always made for my wood kitchen countertops, beeswax and instead of the mineral oil for wood I sub a grapeseed/avocado blend, no essential oils anywhere in this because of the open skin involved. I have a smaller tub of the grease with some zinc included for open weeping skin, to both stick to the area and dry it up. Anyway, sorry for the book in your comments section! You’d have to know my fourteen year old, who is a very dry and sarcastic little individual who does not get excited about ANYTHING, to know what a deep thrill it is to see her excited about these oils healing up her chopped-up looking feet with quarter-sized “flakes” and continual itchiness. We’re folks with a very tight budget, but hubby has agreed — it’s a line in our budget for the foreseeable future. Thanks again, ever so much.”

When I asked Kim for permission to share this with you, she replied,

Sure, share away! I do use some of your wonderful oils when I can, as well. My eight year old finds a 1% dilution of your Bulgarian Lavender and Balkan Heli in grapeseed oil to be very soothing when he’s itchy, but I only use that on unbroken skin, which sadly isn’t present when he’s flared. I have been amazed at the healing power of just the carriers! I’m looking forward to playing with others as well over the coming months — I made a long list of various oils and properties to plot out future buys.

And I am saluting Kim for doing the homework, investigating the properties of the carriers and the CO2, as well as the essential oils to see what will best meet her families needs. THANK YOU!


An earlier message from Kim, a couple of months ago, that I never made time so share:

The sample you sent of your Reunite Synergy was just what was needed. My 15 year old daughter suffers from panic attacks where she feels like she can’t breathe. Complicating matters, she also has asthma so it is hard to sort issues. Last week, she had one of these episodes and came to me, saying that she’d taken her rescue inhaler “and still can’t breathe.” Since she sounded OK to me, I put a drop of diluted Reunite on her palm, then had her rub her palms together, then breathe out of her cupped palms. Within minutes — like 2 — I heard her in the other room giggling and chatting. This has NEVER happened before. We can usually “comfort her down,” but that takes a half hour or more, and she’s miserable. Our whole family, but particularly this daughter, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Some of you know the story behind our Reunité… I developed it for my own crippling anxiety. I could NOT stand up and speak in front of a crowd. Period. My knees shook, I shook all over, the lump in my throat wouldn’t let my voice out.. I was a panic stricken mess. In the late 90’s I was asked to fly to Michigan and address the Handcrafted Soap Guild Gathering…talking about Essential Oil Safety. I couldn’t do this. But I couldn’t NOT. I was terrified. When the afternoon came for my talk, I sat in the audience, listening to the speaker before me, (Jeanne Rose, I think!)…and inhaling from an aromatherapy amphora… with my Reunité. By the time they called my name… I took the podium and talked for an hour, as though I had been doing that for YEARS. Cool, calm, collected. That is the power of these oils, and this blend.

Stress / Insomnia:

Adriana Z had written asking which Lavender for helping her relax and sleep. We suggested the Mailette, and told her that at the time, it was what we were using in our Relax Synergy. A week later she wrote,

Hi Marge, I received the products and just wanted to follow up on this communication. I LOVED your recommendations. The Lavender Mailette is something I never smelled before. It mixed really well with my Clary Sage and Ylang and it turned out to be a great combination for when I get home from work.

Now the relaxing Synergy… well… that was something else. I had one of those days on Monday and put few drops in my diffuser before going to bed. I was a little jittery in the evening trying to process the events of the day and knew it was going to be hard falling asleep. I placed the diffuser on my night stand and just laid there quiet. I didn’t even see my husband coming to bed and he told me he went up about 30 minutes after. It’s magical, thank you so much for making such a great product.


I LOVE success stories!

Quote of the Month

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower….”
—Albert Camus

And, of course, there is my very favorite line…“October’s bright blue

Have a glorious October everyone!

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This newsletter contains:

Back in Stock

NEW Oils

NEROLI: A new sparkling distillation from a new (to us!) distiller in Tunisia. I fell totally and completely in love. AND we were able to hold our earlier price. Available undiluted, and in a 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil.

A new Sandalwood, Santalum Album, 2012 distillation from Tamil Nadu. I hadn’t planned on more Sandalwood this year, but this specimen entranced us all.


We’re selling off Orange Blossom and Melissa to make room for new. We are SLASHING the prices of our existing stock of Orange Blossom Absolute 10% dilution (only 5 and 2 mls left) and English Melissa (and its 10% dilution.) Prices have never been this low. Save 40 to 50%.

Blog Updates

We haven’t had much time for blogging so far this year… only four articles in the entire first quarter.

Two April Sale Days

Tax Day — April 15… Since this is also Patriots Day for us New Englanders, we’ve chosen the promo code “Patriot.” Save 15% on all retail sized essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts. Enter the promotional code at checkout, press apply, and see your discount reflected on screen.

Earth Day April 22 Save 11% on all our normal retail sized items. Promo Code “earth” without any punctuation will give a 11% savings. Sale does not include special books, kits, bulk products, clearance items or anything marked “discounts do not apply.”

Facebook and LinkedIn Snippets:

From Facebook — Tension Headache suggestions shared by our friends:

Jennifer Chase recently wrote: I just want to quickly share a mix people may want to explore for tension headaches. Meeting fiscal year deadlines on top of the early spring pollination was literally knocking me down with tension headaches. I went through me treasures (books and EOs) and came up with a mix that has worked extremely well for me. I used jasmine, lemon, roman chamomile, and rose abs. in a base that part Arnica CO2 (in coconut oil from Nature’s Gift ) and grape seed oil. I apply a few drops to the back of my neck and within minutes I get complete relief from the headache. If I do this in the morning before work and in the evening when I get home, I have a much more pleasant day overall.

A blend I’d never have thought of, but I can see how it would be effective…and smell like perfume as well. Wondering about adding a few drops of Cape Chamomile, or using instead of the Roman…for us it is THE de-stressor.

Arnica and Heli
My friend and mentor Colleen K. Dodt wrote on Facebook:

“Marge Clark I have once again relied upon the magic in your Arnica/Heli oil! My daughter came home from Fla. with a badly sprained foot. Rest and only 2 applications of this lovely blend and you can see healing. Thank you! ♥ The scent makes the healing double as I feel it as well.”

We are currently offering our Arnica/Helichrysum blend on our Blends for Physical Pain and Wellbeing Page. We call it “ That’s Better! ” because that is how we react when using it on aches and pains.

Facebook is also the place that we post “low stock” alerts if we are about to run out of something; where we will ask for feedback on changes we are contemplating, where we announce spur of the moment special sales and give-aways, and, of course, the first place we announce new or back in stock products. If you really don’t want to become involved in FaceBook (and I can understand that!) most of our FB posts are also shared on Twitter, and featured on the front page of our website. We don’t want you to miss out on the excitement, the fun, or, most of all, the BARGAINS!

Links shared on our FB page

Katharine Koeppen at Aromaceuticals shared HER go to stress blend right now is Cape Chamomile and Frankincense (a boswellia carterii). (If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and looking for a “face to face” practioner, I highly recommend Katherine. Her level of expertise is amazing.)

We shared a formula for Skunk Spray from the Essential Herbal Blog. We are reminded “tis the season.”

Robert Tisserand wrote of recent research proving that, contrary to much hysteria in the press a couple of years ago, Lavender, and its essential oil, are NOT estrogenic.

An article showing recent research indicating that Triclosan, common ingredient in “antibacterial soaps” is not only not effective, but is actually harmful to those who use it.

Teri Roberts wonderfully comprehensive blog article about Aromatherapy for Migraines. Teri was kind enough to recommend us as the supplier of everything she mentioned!

We shared a wonderfully comprehensive series of articles regarding aromatherapy and the Chakras.

Andrea Butje, of Aromahead Institute, is offering a FREE online Introduction to Essential Oils class.

Lawn Chemicals are linked to Canine Lymphoma…an article from The Whole Dog Journal.

Quote of the Month

April is a promise that May is bound to keep. — Hal Borland

A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew, A cloud, and a rainbow’s warning, Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue—An April day in the morning.
— Harriet Prescott Spofford

The lyric sound of laughter Fills all the April hills The joy-song of the crocus, The mirth of daffodils.
— Clinton Scollard

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