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July 2016 Newsletter


Let Freedom Ring!


This newsletter contains:

Fourth of July Sale:

From Saturday, July 2nd through Monday July 4th,  enter the Discount Code "Fireworks" and receive 10% off all our retail sized products. Bulk oils, kits and books excluded.

OR... On Monday, July 4th,  Enter the discount code "Freedom" and save 12 to 15% on all retail sized essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts. See the list of covered products here.

You may only use one discount code on an order.   Please do not ask us to combine orders to save on shipping.   We are not going to be able to make any changes on the orders as entered.

A word about Promo Codes: If you enter a promo code, press apply, and see the discount reflected, then continue shopping and add another item, the promo code WILL be removed.  (It stands to reason, if you make a change in the cart contents, the discount will change.)  The cart will not automatically adjust your discount, instead, it will remove it. So, please, make sure you add the promotional code AFTER you have completed your shopping trip. If you go back and add another item (or delete one) or make other changes to the order, please make sure you re-enter the code.

There may (or may not) be some other spur of the  moment sales during July.  July 23rd is Gorgeous Grandma's Day...thinking Cleo's Secret.  July 14th is Bastille day..thinking French.  July 21st is National Ice Cream Day ... thinking Citrus and Vanilla... and somewhere along there is Marge's birthday...definitely cause for a party!  Spur of the moment sales are always announced on Facebook, and Twitter, and will show on the Facebook box on our front page.

New and Back in Stock:

Back in stock - Siberian Fir, High Altitude Juniper from the French Alps,  High Myrcene Lemongrass, Thyme Borneol, St. Johns Wort Infusion (very limited stock as we await the 2016 infusion!), exotic, fruity Osmanthus AbsoluteBlack Pepper oil, distilled Lime Oil (for sunsafe usage.) 

We had run out of stock on several of our skincare products. We have brought back our Winter Repair Cream (yes, it's midsummer, but some of you asked!). Radiance Creme is back, now in a 16 oz Bail Jar at special request, as well as the familiar 4 oz pump..  All of our cleansers have been restocked. 


Summer Cooler Sale: Cooling Mint Oils...  Organic Hungarian Peppermint, sweet USA Peppermint, icy Corn Mint from Nepal and our gentler, USA grown Spearmint. Also included our "Cool It!" Synergy (in case of emergency...this is the blend used in our Sunburn Soother.)

Christmas in July:  Two of our Christmas Synergies, Three Kings and Winter Sunshine at a 10% discount, as well as some of our favorite "Christmas Trees" a selection of Conifer oils, Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, and Scotch Pine

Hydrosol Sale: NOTHING is as refreshing as an icy cold hydrosol spritz. We are putting last year's stocks on clearance. Because of proper storage they are still fresh and pristine. We want to clear the way for new stocks.  Save 15% on retail sizes of Holy Basil, Rose Geranium, Monarda (Beebalm), Lemon Thyme and Lemon Tea Tree hydrosols. (Some supplies very limited!)

Blog Updates:

Ten blog articles in the month of June!  We amaze ourselves. Many of them (but not all) were in response to Monday's With Marge queries. We wanted to save our information so we could find it again. In June we blogged about

  • Frankincense can actually protect cancerous cells, rather than aiding their defeat.
  • Sustainability
  • Favorite things - Skincare oils
  • Supplements? GRAS?
  • Canker Sore Help
  • Head against the wall... now it's MYRRH
  • Learning Essential Oil Chemisty. Why and how?
  • EO's for Seasonal Allergy relief
  • EO's (other than Neroli!) for Anxiety
  • EO's that improve with age.              

The blog articles for June will scroll in reverse order at this link.  Or you can select any article, or month, from the Blog Archive on the right hand side of your screen.

Our Clients Say:

Kelly LaValle recently wrote about our Reunité Anointing Oil"I feel like my worried, overthinking mind was lifted out of my head and replaced by a content, peaceful one. The Reunite is lovely. I will have to get the Synergy next time."  I am so glad she gave me permission to share.  and I love her phrase, "my overthinking mind".  I sometimes have one of those, too!

- - - - -

Rosemary Evans had written about our Coffee Blossom Infusion's anti-aging properties.  I said I had never heard of it being used as an "anti-aging skin serum" and asked if she could share her source. She couldn't remember the original source but said that she had read that it " improves all over suppleness, tone and elasticity of skin. Use it on your face as well as other areas of your body like hands, elbows, cuticles, neck and chest. It's great for pre and post shaving as well"  She went on to add that she had been using it on her face night and day for months now and really thinks it is anti-aging.   I never would have known, and will have to have our South African producer reserve some more for us. What a lovely, fragrant alternative to Cleopatra's Secret Serum.    Thank you, Rosemary!

- - - - -

And Ellen Brenner shared this about Trauma Oil a few months ago. (The emailed exchange got hidden.) 

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for including your trauma oil in last month's sale. I was just about out from another supplier and decided to give yours a try. Boy, am I glad I did!! I much prefer yours. Don't get me wrong, theirs worked . But, yours is a noticeable improvement! It has a superior glide and I felt the effects as soon as I applied it. And, I really appreciate the dispenser bottle you use.

I broke my neck in two places 7 years ago. I am doing well, but every now and then I can strain and aggravate the area and get severe muscle guarding and spasms from my shoulders, up my neck and head leading to excruciating pain and migraines. I did that this week and have been using hydrotherapy, essential oils and acupuncture. Tonight, things starting going from stiffness to spasm again.

Slap to forehead! I have your trauma oil. I applied it without any essential oils just to get a sense and voila I felt instant relief in my shoulders and neck.  I will be keeping this on hand for sure and using it in my healing needs.  Thanks, again!

- - - - -

Samantha Cricks shared, on Facebook, about the power of our German Chamomile CO2s.  She wrote, "The diluted German Chamomile CO2 is amazing at combatting the inflammatory response I get from mosquito bites.  I blow up from them.  You couldn't even see my elbow bone earlier today, the entire joint and my arm were inflamed and swollen. I tried Helichrysum and Lavender the day before. Nothing.  I then tried the G.C.  My arm stopped itching within minutes, the redness and swelling was gone within an hour."

I love hearing how our oils really did make a difference for somone..thank you for letting us share, ladies!

Quotes of the Month:

One summer's day at break of dawn,
I saw fairies with no clothes on.
Washing themselves with lavender dew,
Takin' a bath like me and you.
By Carla J. Nelson

"Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers
where I can walk undisturbed."
-   Walt Whitman, Give Me That Splendid Silent Sun

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone.





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