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About Benchmark Thyme

Nature’s Gift is proud to make available the United States’ first batch of Benchmark Thyme.

This unique blend of four ethically cultivated Thymus varieties has been standardized to give the powerful germ-killing effects of Tea Tree, Red Thyme, etc. along with the gentleness of Thyme Linalol and other “skin safe” essential oils.

Purpose for Developing Benchmark Thyme

According to essential oil researcher and developer Maggie Tisserand, this unique blend of ethically cultivated (chemical- and pesticide-free) Thyme cultivars has been carefully balanced to provide the most effective components of both Tea Tree Oil and Thyme var Linalol, with an antimicrobial effectiveness greater than either alone. Ms. Tisserand writes:

The uniqueness of Benchmark Thyme is that it contains a combination of specific components of the chemistry of tea tree and specific components of the chemistry of Thyme Linalool—and with all components coming from our four Thyme cultivars, skilfully blended into a synergistic formulation. This is a truly unique and effective essential oil.

  • Works faster than Teatree—Microbiology kill curves demonstrate that it can take only 2 hours for Benchmark Thyme to kill the most powerful MRSA & MSSA bacteria in vitro, but up to 24 hours for Teatree.
  • Exclusively and specifically grown for Benchmark Oils—will be consistent in chemical composition every year—so always dependable. (Grown to organic standards, chemical free, but not certified as organic.)
  • A synergistic blend proven to kill MRSA in-vitro.
  • Less irritation on the skin than other effective anti-bacterial essential oils.
  • (The above is extracted from Maggie’s book, due to be published later this year.)

    Chemistry of Benchmark Thyme

      Tea Tree Oil Benchmark Thyme Thyme Linalol
    1-terpinen-4-ol X X  
    thymol   X X
    linalool   X X
    alpha Terpinene X X  


    Components of Benchmark Thyme

    Benchmark Thyme contains a uniquely balanced blend of components. 23% terpenes, of which the largest percentage is alpha-terpinene, well over 40% alcohols, primarily linalol, some esters, primarily linalyl acetate, and 32% phenols, primarily thymol with traces of carvacrol. The alcohols and esters give it gentleness, while the terpenes and phenols give it phenomenal germ fighting abilities.

    Aromatically our new Benchmark Thyme reminds me strongly of our Thyme Thujanol. It is not as mildly-scented as our Thyme Linalol, but certainly not overly medicinal. Upon dry-down, the thymol becomes more dominant.

    We eagerly await Maggie’s book, scheduled for publication before the end of this year.

    Read an abstract of the research study recently published in the International Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics here.


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